low cost reasonable moisturiser. I have thread veins and whiteheads

My complextion is terrible, large whiteheads (more like cysts) are developing on my cheeks, I also have thread veins in this area to. I think moisurisers are blocking my pores. What can I do?
Cannot get rid on the whiteheads they are deep in my skin and very hard to extract. I can't steam my face because of the thread veins, it will make them a lot worse. I have mature skin (Age 52)
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I would suggest that you go to see a GP or Dermatologist to discuss this skin condition first to make sure there are no underlying systemic problems


I would agree with this advice, your symptoms seem quite aggravated at the moment, i would go see your GP and ask them to refer you to a dermatologist if they cant help you, if you are on any medication this could be affecting your skin.
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I agree with other people's advice. I consider the problems need to be treated internally as well externally since I am practice holistic medicine. You can take some herbal remedies that can certainly cleanse your skin in depth, detox blood and help your skin to renew it. Obviously it takes longer time because you have mature skin. But we have treated many people with your conditions. They all have improvement.
Recently I saw a sophistic home use skincare device - Galvanic Spa System. It can use for deep cleanse and rehydrate skin very well. The bonus is it can help reduce the thread veins and also wrinkles and lines for mature skin.
I hope it helps. You are welcome to let me know if you have more questions.
Dr Shu Xu
Here at The Royal Tunbridge Wells Skin and Laser Clinic we can treat all of these conditions that you are experiencing. Thread Veins are very common and can be caused by a number of factors including sun damage, alcohol, pollution and they can even be hereditary! Using an ND Yag laser we can effectively remove these veins in 1-3 treatments, with no scarring, downtime or scabbing. the treatment works almost instantly. I would recommend you coming intot he clinic for a complimenatry consultation to see how this treatment could benefit you.
The milia again we can easily treat. I would advise that you wear sun protection of a t least a 30 and your product are very calming as to not aggitate the threadveins any further. If you would like advise on skin care and products to use at thome please do not hesitate to contact me here at the clinic toni@skinlc.co.uk we have many ranges that would be suiutable for you at a reasonable cost.
Toni Warran-Smith
You need to seriously consider using Environ it is fresh packed in antioxidants and vitamins. Is used by plastic surgeons and dermatologists. We stock Environ and this skin care will address your problems. It was derived initially to prevent skin cancer in South Africa by Dr Des Fernandez. He is a top ten plastic surgeon in the world. The skin care is results driven and it will benefit your problem. Thank you Bev
Your whiteheads are impacted and will need to be extracted by a professional. And, it sounds like you need to begin a new skin care regime that addresses cellular debris buildup, by exfoliating the skin and deminishing clogged pores and whiteheads, etc.
When you seek a professional for extractions, also seek their advice about the appropriate home skin care regime for you. The professional can better serve you regarding your questions, having examined and assessed your skin.
If this is something that has recently began to give you problems then it may be due to the products you are currently using. Have you recently changed your routine? Whiteheads are caused by the hair follicle getting blocked.
The aim is to improve the condition of the hair follicles by removing excess sebum and dead skin cells on a daily basis. Use an anti bacterial face wash daily and a very mild exfoliator three times each week. Use in the evenings as they will be more effective than using in the morning. Do not 'scrub' the skin but use gente massage movements all over the face. Finish off with a mild toner (pure Rosewater is excellent and affordable). When buying make up or moisturiser try and buy those labelled 'non-comedogenic'.
Thread veins are very difficult to treat but the most important thing is to ensure your moisturiser or make up includes a sunscreen. If you don't, then your thread veins WILL get worse as time goes by. There are some very good concealers on the market these days that can hide thread veins and I would suggest you ask advice from a salon or make up counter before you buy. If you ask they will usually give you a small sample to try before you buy.
Hope this helps.
MMC Holistic Therapies
Try "Dr Belter" Cleansing Gel from "Line A" morning and night (£22.99) to free your skin from oil and then put on Cream Couperosis from the Intensa range by "Dr Belter" (product for thread veins - £29.99. More info about these products is available on http://www.bodysilk.co.uk
I would use a good aloe cleanser and use aloe with propolis cream for the whiteheads, it is non-oily and is a good natural anti-biotic and won't clog your pores - see http://www.wellinhealth.co.uk - the best products out there are very reasonably priced are Forever Living