Is a Brazilian Blow Dry recommended for natural afro hair?

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I would not use la Briziliana on afro hair, I use braccato smoothing system on afro hair and get very good results, visit to see the results, the keratin and collagen treatment can be bwe used on over processed hair to repair it.
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I use chochoco Brazilian on my afro hair and it made my hair so weak it was breaking off very rapidly. In the end I had to cut all my shoulder length hair cause it was completely destroyed. Use a salon don't don't. ...
You can use it on Afro hair, we have a few times. i think you do have to point out to the client that it is NOTa straightener but we have found that it makes the hair softer and easier to manage. We have one cllient that has had it done twice already!


Thankyou that is EXACTLY what I'm looking for, manageability.
Do you offer this treatmen,t for afro hair in your east dulwich salon? If so how much on average does it cost?
Did it didn't work...and the heat fried my hair. It was easier to manage before the treatment its literally been falling out for months now. Not breakage but from the roots! Do not use on afro hair! And I followed the 4 day wash rule even bought the special shampoo and conditioner.
Yes this treatment is perfect for your hair. Sometimes it maybe necessary to do a hair relaxation treatment immediately prior to the Brazilian Blow Dry. This ensures that you get the full effect for 3 to 4 months. Please contact us for more details or for a consultation.


Thankyou for your quick reply, so are you saying I might have to relax my hair (ie perm kit)? before i can get a blowout? but Just to be clear I really have NO interest in having a permanent chemical relaxer treatment, I don't want bone straight hair. I just want my hair to be smoother and clump more easily, get rid of as much frizz as possible.
So hopefully I can still get the brazillian blowout treatment? I'm hoping this would still benefit my hair type. I'm not trying to be difficult I know I have a hair type that most people dont like to work with unless its relaxed, sorry for any confusion.
Hi Cookie,
I know what you mean - I want the choice of having curly or straight, so am not keen on a permanent solution either way. I have curly, mixed-race hair - parts of it are quite soft but other parts are very frizzy, damaged and unruly when brushed out, and just want it smoother all over in general. I do use a no-lye relaxer every 6 months really just to tame the volume at the roots (the regular strength 'Olive Oil' range for afro hair) - I don't go too overboard during the 'smoothing process', which is the part that gets the hair straight, so I end up with just more relaxed wavy curls as opposed to spirals, but still have the frizz in parts. I am going to try a keratin product over the relaxed hair and I'll let you know what happens! All I'm hoping for for is smoother, better conditioned hair that's easier and quicker to style with straighteners, but smooth soft curls when I want them too. (I also use moroccan oil and that seems to be helping.)
Hi Cookie
Did you go ahead with the Brazilian Blow Dry treatment and if so what were the results? My 11 yrd old daughter is mixed race, has very curly beautiful hair but goes very frizzy when left down. I've always plaited it for her every day but now she's getting older that hairstyle is a bit "babyish" and she wants to be able to wear it down without the frizz. Have never used any chemical treatments on her hair and very nervous about trying anything that could damage the hair. Any comments would be appreciated, thanks.
Thankyou everyone who answered, Its not so much that I want to wear my hair straight all the time but that I want my curls to clump better without the frizz that I get.
I love my curly hair, but the curls are pen size and my hair is between medium and a coarse texture and porous (my stylist said when I had color done a few years ago that it took the color very quickly). My hair shrinks up alot, which is ok, but I would like to be able to define my curls more easily.
My hair responds well to heat, but I only use a heat cap with my conditioners, my hair doesn't like the steam too much, it can make my hair too mushy and soft (frizz city!!)
I'm also worried about Formaldehyde and what it will do to my scalp, which is fragile, my hair, will it perm/relax it, which I don't want and all the toxins and gas.
Anymore info would be appreciated, thanx.
I recently did one on afro hair and according to the client it didn't work. I'm not sure if she possibly washed it before the four days was up but after this experience personally I'm not going to repeat it on afro hair but my answer is purely based on this one experience. I am not sure the fact she had afro hair was why it didn't work. I am not convinved she didn't wash it.


it doesnt work on afro hair. Im black i tired it ! did all the procedures bought the aftercare. and it just destroyed my hair.. which was very healthy in the first place... but is no dry and stiff.
Hi, Cookie,
I haven’t done Brazilian Keratin Treatment on "afro" hair but have done lots on very curly and dry hair and from my personal experience the hair was in much better condition afterwards.
One think to remember - this is not a relaxer, your hair will not be straight. It takes away frizz, adds moisture and relaxes the curls so they are more manageable but will NOT straightener the hair. Basically the stronger the curl the more wavy the hair is afterwards.
I use BEOX and LaBraziliana at the moment. From these two products I would recommend LaBraziliana. This one you leave on the hair for 4 days. As I understand afro hair is naturally dry so it will benefit from having the treatment on for longer. But you must keep it straight all the time, no kinks are allowed.
Hope this helps, if anyone have their own experience, please share it with us, I would like to know more myself!
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