I washed out my Brazilian blow dry too early, after 12 hours what effect would this have had?

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I must have used too home at home keratin treatment b/c my hair feels really heavy, waxy and unclean just hours after doing it. What should I do please? I was thinking was it but maybe not now.
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I'm thinking about getting Organix Brazilian Keratin Therapy 30 Day Smoothing Treatment.
It says to Let treatment sit on hair for 30 minutes and then after Flat iron hair in small sections on high heat (450° recommended) to seal keratin treatment onto the hair shaft.
I don't want to use flat iron...my hair are damaged and I'm really affraiod to do so.
1) can I leave it for recommended 48 hours without using flat iron and blow dry? Will I still get any effect at all?
2) can I wash it off after 30 min and treat the whole thing as a deep hair conditioner?
What will happened to my hair if I did one of above?
Looking to hear your opinion.
they told me it was semi di lino and that I could wash it out in 24 hours, it's been almost 48 hours and I can't stand the feeling of the garbage in my hair
I want wave in my hair will I get this if I wash my hair early?
There is a possibility that the treatment will not last as long in your hair it is required should you have this treatment not to wash your hair for at least 2 days, however having washed it early it wont cause any damage to the hair.
I agree with "mobilehairworcester"
Different products work differently and some have to be kept un-washed for different amounts of time, so it depends which keratin straightening product they used. Some can be washed the same day after the treatment is finished being carried out BUT some you can't wash for a few days. You need to phone up the salon and ask what they used, tell them you have washed it after 12hrs of having it done, and see what they suggest.
I have worked with a keratin treatment, which says that if your hair gets wet from example "the rain" you should dry it and straighten it throughly, as soon as possible with (if possible 230C) hair straighteners!
If you weren't meant to wash so early the Keratin treatment probably won't last as long as it should do, I would image that it will start to disappear in the hair alot sooner and will gradually start to go curly/wavey again alot quicker then it should. Normally these treatments can last up to 3-4months!
Deffinatly call your hairdressers where you got the treatment done and ask them!
Good luck! I hope this helps!
Steph x
Call the salon that did the treatment and ask there advice.
Why did you wash it after 12 hours when the salon told you longer ?
Has it worked ? Is your hair straight and smooth ? If so the treatment has worked still but it may not last very long.
Its very important to do exactly as the hairdresser tells you otherwise its a waste of both yours and their time, effort and money....
Do you know what product was used, we use a product that hair can be washed same day so it wouldn't be any different, but other products take a few days. Give your salon a call I am sure they will be pleased to help.
The Salon would have Inform you not to shampoo or wet your hair for 4 days(different products vary) or tie up hair in any way. The reason being that the Keratin takes time to harden and the harder it becomes the longer the effects will last and we want it to harden straight. I would advise that you Straighten your hair with irons so as to close the cuticle down as tight as possible and help ensure that your hair is straight for the next few days. Unfortunately your treatment may not last as long as you were originaly told. Using the reccomended home products will help.


they said semi di lino which I looked up on google and thought it was semidi lino lisse Alfaporf of Milano, it wasn't it was semi di lino by some company in florida, I should have walked out the door but did not, always wanted smooth frizz free hair, how stupid of me, expensive and my eyes burned, now I have to find sulphate free shampoo, after two lousy nights of choppy sleep, I can still smell the product though they said they blew it out, can't be, I sweat and can smell it, have to wash my sheets and pillows, I will not do this ever again