Blackheads - please help!

Dear All!
I have many blackheads over the forehead, nose, chin, cheeks etc. Some are more some less visible and of different texture.
I do know how to cleanse the skin but it doesn't relieve me from them.
My skin is very firm and they are hardly extracted even after steaming.
Moreover, the extraction always leaves some red spots or bruises and even hematomas on my skin.
When I'm textracting myself it often inflames and turns into big blemish with a bruise (same after professional treatment).
I need a professional who can gently extract them without damaging my skin.
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You first need to find an experienced esthetician, preferably one that uses the disposable extractors (with a small pin size tip) that knows how to gently pierce and lift the blackheads from the impacted pore. This takes lots of experience and practice. Someone so precise that blood is not drawn, there is no scarring or bruising and the procedure is painless. Also, if there are several blackheads, you may be required to have more that one visit to extract them all. The skin should be thoroughly cleansed first and extracting can be done while the steam is on the face, softening the skin and opening the pores, making it easier to lift the blackheads.
As this appears to be a persistent problem for you, the professional should start you on a home care program with products designed to address cellular debris build-up, breakouts, blackheads, whiteheads, etc. Products designed to thoroughly cleanse and exfoliate the skin on a consistent basis.
Your attempts to try to extract blackheads yourself may only lead to scarring, pits, scars and/or hyperpigmentation. If you are not using a wash cloth (something with texture) to cleanse your face, you should begin using one. Making sure that you change the wash cloth regularly. This will be beneficial with removing cellular debris and build-up on your skin and give you a cleaner, softer, smoother face, over time.
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have you tried micro dermabrasion?
Try your own salicylic acid mask at home by dissolving six soluble aspirin tablets in a few drops of water (a couple or three drops per tab should see them fizzing nicely). Apply to the skin and leave for around five minutes before rinsing off with tepid water. Once a week should see blackheads decline and pores tighten. BTW, never complain about oily skin as you'll see the benefits later in a comparatively wrinkle-free face.
Hello There,
Sorry your having so much trouble achieving your desired skin condition!
Nyame Dua offers a very good deep cleansing, pore refining facial called the Hydra Refine Pore Perfecting Facial which comes with the steam & extraction processes:
Hydra Refine Pore Perfecting Facial ~ £40
~ To meet the special needs of normal to oily skin, Repechage has formulated 5 superior products specifically designed to deep clean, minimize oily shine and fight blemish causing bacteria without drying or irritating the skin. Hydra Refine® balances the skin's PH and is non-comedogenic and non-occlusive.
I personally deliver this treatment myself & enjoy the process of extraction (such weird creatures us therapists are) & have yet to have had a client 'complain' or present redness which does not subside by the end of the treatment or further damage/complications to their skin, however extraction can be uncomfortable.
I do not use my hands when extracting comedones (black heads), I use a blackhead extractor which I find more effective at encouraging the black heads out of the pores!
Sometimes, I do find blackheads a lil stubborn however I either extend the steam time or, they may simply not be ready to come out yet, & so regular treatments, with steam would be advised!
I'd never dig for the Earth in trying to release black heads, this would just add trauma to the skin & wouldn't be a pleasant experience for you, so for me, its about understanding how your skin works!
Would love to hear from you!
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have you tried micro debraision?
Good morning,
you need to come to a facial for acne skin with a needle extraction. Body Silk Clinic works on the "Dr Belter" products, and Line A from the "Dr Belter" range is specifically designed for oily/acne/big pores skin. Ideally, you should have one or two such facials monthly. as for the homecare, pls read the info about the products "Dr Belter Linie A" on as well as Obagi CLENZIderm which regulates skin oil production and acne. You are welcome to pop in for a free consultation with one of our specialists. We are based near Monument tube station and are open Mon to Fri from 9am till 8pm. Tel 02072835800
Just to add to the poster below, i find that if a blackhead doesn't come aout after attempting extraction (prior to steaming) its usually simply because it's not ready and isn't near enough to the surface of the skin. I would wait a couple of days and try again. HTH's.
Hi there my advice would be to visit a reputable clinic that offers medical microdermabrasion combined with a mild peel. This will be a good way to exfoliate and deeply cleanse pores. Its also important to realise that unfortunately if you are prone to blackheads they may return and not be eradicated with one treatment - therefore good skin health and home maintanence with the right skincare products is essential. Also look in to environmental factors that may be causing your blackheads and this may help to reduce them as well.
Blackheads can be annoying as they can keep coming back. You should attack them with a combination of a facial hygiene regime with regular exfoliation, proper diet, nutrition and also changing your pillow cases at least every 2 or 3 days. Imagine that your face presses into your pillow case; you are rubbing all sorts of bacteria, oil, and dead skin into the fabric and then onto your face every day. You can do a mini facial at home with the use of steaming, nose pore strips, exfoliation and a face mask, but do not remove whiteheads and blackheads yourself. Visit dermatologist who will remove them with professional tools. Remember that makeup should not be applied at least 24 hours after. When you go shopping for your skincare products, look for products containing Salicylic Acid that will penetrate the lining of the pore or products with alpha hydroxy acids (AHA).
Thank you all!
I use only either pharmaceutical or professional products and now started sticking to more natural stuff.
My skin is a bit oily, but I'm thanking God that it's not dry instead, as it's ageing much slower, not so wrinkles exposed, though requires much more thorough treatment. That's why I don't overdry it, though I did that mistake before. All the products which contain salicylic acid cause dehydration to my skin and eventhough I exfoliate regularly if I use such products I would have flakes of dry skin on my face all the time. Maximum is fruit acid peeling.
However I realised that I'm only 26 and the time for harsh peelings is ahead so now I'd better avoid them. I need a system and professional, very experienced dermatologist and esthetician - but I moved to London not so long ago and don't know who to go to.
I would appreciate if you recommend specific therapists
A Microdermabrasion treatment is fab for treating blackheads. Make sure you are using a professional treatment systems for your cleansing and moisturising and also make sure you exfoliate regularly.
Try a natural route that doesn’t use harsh chemicals/tools on your skin. Refrain from squeezing/removing them yourself as this is only causing damage. Blackheads can be removed without the need for firm pressure & scary tools which as you have experienced causes bruising and scaring and can often look worse than the Blackheads themselves. It’s not just about what you put on and do to your skin but what you put inside your body, what is your diet like? This can have an impact on what shows on your skin. Have you tried Aromatherapy Treatments? Regular Aromatherapy Treatments will create positive results. We can provide a Blackhead Treatment that uses: Massage, Face Scrub, Face Steam, Special Formulated Blackhead Cream and the use of Therapeutic Essential Oils throughout to not only draw out Blackheads but to also heal bruises and scaring from incorrect methods used previously. For more information contact us: The Aroma Massage Clinic –
Go to your local salon and either get a salicylic acid peel or a electronic facial that draws out inpuraties from the skin, don’t over moisturise the problem area as it sound clogged with oils/ sebum, Be careful when extracting the commodones Blk heads your self make sure skin is soft and the blk heads are fliable. there are options you can regulate this skin problem take it a step at a time.