I have very hard brittle toe nails I need them cutting and filed what do you suggest?

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Perhaps add some baby oil to some warm water, swish it around, and then soak your feet for a few minutes to soften the nails. You should then be able to cut or clip them without too much "shattering" of the layers of the nails.
Then to feed your nails, use a drop or two of almond oil (providing you are not allergic to nut oils, if so, use grapeseed oil), and massage this in to the nail and cuticle. Pop on a pair of trainer socks to wear overnight - this will keep the oil from spoiling your bedding and also keep the feet a little warmer encouraging the oil to penetrate. Don't use too much oil so that it runs between the toes as this may make the skin too soft, which could lead to the skin becoming soggy and encouraging Athlete's foot or similar. Hope that helps!
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Hi you can have a foot bath and moisturise them afterwards, then apply solaroil to every toes, you can continued using the solaroil after cutting your nail to keep it supple and also condition at the same time.
A trip to your local and reputable chiropdist. This is their speciality.
Hi, I would say to have a pedicure, your feet will soak first before you have your toenails cut so they will soften slightly. It an all round good tretament for your feet aswell then at the end have something like OPI nail envy strengthener and conditioner applied to your toenails this will help with the brittleness.
Hi, You need to soften your skin first, I would soak them in baby oil or a light massage oil according to your skin type, and let your feet soften up naturally, when they softer, you could use cotton socks at night to help soften the skin. When you file, do it slowly and carefully, also you could rub if you have any - some cuticle cream in the base of each toenail to help strengthen them, just massage ina little and then take the excess cream of with warm water if you have no cuticle remove. Take your time filing, and try and file across the nail.
Do not file to low otherwise you will get sore, and keep moisturising your feet.
Hope that helps
I would have a pedicure and bath them in solaroil. (Almond oil) eveynight to see if this help soften them up. Also try putting cream on at night and sleeping in socks, this might help too