How often should I go for a skin peel if I also go for regular facials?

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It really depends on your skin and how you react to skin peels. There is so much variation in the the types of skin peel available that it would be difficult to give you an exact answer. Generally it is good to have a regular skin maintenance schedule to avoid the need for more aggressive treatments. If you do have a light peel and respond to it well then I would suggest repeating it only after you notice changes occurring again. This might be a few weeks or some months.
If you don't notice any change then I would suggest a repeat in a month's time. Sometimes you may need to consider a stronger or different type of peel. Having peels too often may damage your skin and can potentailly scar so it is best to be cautious to start with.
It is often a very individual process so it is important that you are assessed by an experienced practitioner who sees you regularly and just as importantly can advise you which types of peel are most suitable for your type of skin. It is also important to be aware of alternative treatments that may be more appropriate such as microdermabrasion or even LASER resurfacing. I hope this helps
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How often you do peels can be subjective and it depends on your skin conditions, what condition you want to treat and how deep you want the peel. Assessing your skin first is important before recommending a course of treatments.
Weaker peels used for exfoliation, acne, fine lines, sun damage can be done more frequently every 1-3 months to maintain the results you want to achieve. Deeper, stronger peels are done much less frequently, usually one treatment a year to maintain your outcome.
This depends on the depth of the skin peel. If it is a very light peel you should leave 1 week between this and a facial or for deeper peels you may need to leave a month.
Some skin peel courses work best when performed close together, in which case you should stop the facials until after the peel course has finished.During your consultation, your practitioner will give you more personalised advice depending on your concerns.
Depends on what you are trying to treat. If you have acne and you are trying to clear up your skin then we recommend Environ peels on a weekly basis for a course of around 10 treatments. It will help to clear up any underlying congestion and dissolve blackheads and will give you a good, anti bacterial effect. If you are trying to fix pigmentation I would not do strong peels as although it will resurface the skin, you will be more susceptible to new pigmentation marks or it can even draw out underlying pigmentation.
Depend what skin type you have. If your skin is rough and have pimple, I will suggest every other week with peel and every other week with regular facial. I using LACTO-PEEL from Med Calia to all my clients and they do see very good result after few treatment.
i agree with a lot of the comments already mentioned. If you go for regular facials with the same therapist they should know your skin nearly as well as they know their own..!! Armed wIth this knowledge they should be recommending when a face peel is needed.
If you have your facials every four to six weeks then I assume your therapist has your skin in pretty good condition with any problematic areas under control. If this is the case then a peel is not always necessary (and why pay for what you may not neccessarily need)!
Depending on your skin type (difficult to tell from your photo, but you appear to look like a 'fair' skin type) then too many facial peels may eventually damage your skin.
I think anyone considering a chemical peel should first ask themselves why they want the peel and then discuss the reason with their therapist. It may be due to one particular problem or feature of your skin that you are not happy with and there may be a more suitable treatment they can offer.
Along with all the other advice I hope this helps..!!
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I would recommend a course of Natural fruit acid peels which you can do once a week for four weeks and then take a break. Normal facials once a month.
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Hope it helps Janine
This is very much dependent on the individuals requirements, skin type & issues. I would always tailor a treatment plan to suit a clients needs.
A rough guige would be to have an intensive course if you are trying to achieve a particular results leading to monthly maintenence peels.
If you already have regular facials you could also alternate between the peel & regular facials.
Please contact me for your bespoke facial treatment plan...I hope this helps.
Hi there, it depends on the strength of the peel, but you should be ok to have a peel every 4 - 6 weeks - make sure you keep the results up at home with products such as our SkinScription range which will support all the hard work done by the peels and facials - click our web link for more details and exclusive special offers on our online shop!
It depends on the grade of peel, you can have a lighter grade of peel one a week over a month 4 weeks, a stronger grade once a month and so on.
Looking at your photograph, I guess that you are a sun lover. There are many chemical peels in the cosmetic industry and they are also different strength. According to my training with Medical Aesthetic Group one must not have chemical peels more often than once every two weeks, else you can end up with chemical burns and scars. I have seen people with chemical burns on the face and chest - it does not look nice. I could not suggest to you how many peels of what strength you should have without assessing your skin problems first. However, one point I must stress, if you do chemical peel and keep sun basing the problem will return and in fact your skin may get worth by looking even more freckly, wrinkly and dehydrated.
If you have more questions please don't hesitate contacting me.
For best results book a course of 6 peels at monthly intervals. You should also benefit from a cheaper rate. The interval between the peels should be discussed with your practitioner as it does depend on the type of peel used and of course your skin condition and any goals / expectations you have. There are quite a few different peels. Here are some options.
Enzyme - for dry congested uneven tones. Cleansing Peel.
Lactic - dry mature hyperpigmentation, pre even brightness and glow. Great pre events.
Salicylic - oily congested acne
Glycolic - Combination skin, sun damage, hyperpigmentation (various strengths)
Modified Jessner - Combination skin Mature Hyperpigmentation Rosacea. Lightens and Brightens the skin
TCA - Sun damage, Combination skin, Hyperpigmentation. Tone, texture and blemish prone skin.
Triplex - Congestion Sundamage Uneven tones - Pigment, Fine lines adn Mature skin.
AlphaBeta - Acne Combination skin Hyperpigmentation.
Blue Peel by Obagi - very intense peels for use after Obagi treatment.
If you are going for skin peels it is best to use home skin care products advise with the peel process and essential to use a good strong SPF (30 is advised) to prevent hyperpigmentation while the skin is renewing.
I hope this helps.
If you would like any further advice please let me know.
Dr Anna Hemming
Stronger peels such as TCA are ideally administered once per week for 4 weeks. These are ideal for pigmentation. If it is just a freshening up of the skin, clearing of blemishes, minimising pores, tightening and brightening benefits required, youou can have lighter peels such as Easy Phytic - again a course of 4 weekly treatments is ideal although these can be repeated more frequently. We are running a special offer at the moment where if you buy a course of peels you get 1 treatment free. Please see our website for more details of these amazing treatments: Our practitioner formerly trained doctors and nurses in these medical grade, deeper treatments.
Assuming that your skin is healthy, I would suggest every four to six weeks for chemical peels. Regular facials between visits, is an added plus!
Personally I believe you should think if them in terms of treatments. Either a course of 4 medium peels over 4 weeks in a 10 course cycle up go 3 times a month. Or a 6 week course of a light peel with no maximum. Email for more info at
Hope this helps.
Dr Kim Thomas


Sorry that should have read 3 times a year not month!
I think you can have them done monthly. I used to get one done at Bodievie in Richmond, Surrey.


Laura, Let me know if you would like any further treatments. I practice in Barnes.