what is the best treatment for pigmentation on the face this is from been pregnant

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This type of pigmentation is fairly common in pregnancy and usually affects the face and neck. It's called Chloasma and is due to an over production of melanin.
It's important you do not expose the affected areas to the sun or it may become worse, so just ensure you use a good sunscreen. Once you have had your baby the discolouration usually disappears after a few months.
Regular (mild) exfoliation will help slough off dead skin cells and there are lots of over the counter facial products, called 'fade creams' or 'skin brighteners' you can buy that help with pigmentation. These will help 'even out' the skin tone.
If you want to try a home made recipe then mix a little oatmeal or rice bran with Olive Oil (great to condition your skin), to a thick paste, then add lemon juice (about two teaspoons). Give it a good mix until it lightens in colour and use this as a 15 minute facial mask. Make up a fresh batch for each mask and use weekly.
Hope this helps and congratulations on becoming a mum..!!
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What a lovely comment and great advice! I think I'll try your home remedy as well for some scarring discolouration on my face.
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Pigmentation formed during pregnancy is caused by normal changes after the 6 month. Sometimes it returns to normal by itself but if it remains the best thing would be a skincare routine consisting of an antioxidant, an anti pigment product and a physical SPF, alongside a light skin peel course. We would not advisde IPL or laser for hormonal pigmentation.
Hi Vickie,
There is a very good product called "Meladerm Pigment Reducing Complex"
by Civant Skin Care,it was recently reviewed by skincarecop.com and scored amazingly!
It is something i have recently discovered myself and will be recommending to my customers for pigmentation reduction.
As the lady below said skin conditions like pigmentation and blemishes during pregnancy is very common. So you are not alone. Around 50%-70% of women suffer from skin care problems during pregnancy.
Lemon juice is known as the most natural way of removing skin pigmentation from the surface of the skin. Just squeeze half lemon juice in to a bowl and apply using cotton wool and rub in circular motions. You could also use it as a face mask and mix with natural yogurt and apply, leave on for about 10 mins and remove. The lemon juice gives it the astringent properties which helps remove bacteria and dirt, as well as any pigmentations on the surface, while the yogurt desensitizes and soothes.
I recommend you visit my website: http://www.beautybymohima.co.uk and have a look at my facial treatments.
I think a facial will be a great way for you to distress and relax and receive a much targeted and professional skin care treatment in the comfort of your own home and we can discuss a much more in-depth home care routine. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me.
I would recommend a course of fruit acid peels and the correct products. A peel I can recommend is Regima peel & heal it's not a chemical peel so you will not experience the skin peeling of a chemical peel. But it will break up the pigment combined with a serum for pigmentation one I can recommend is regime pigment perfector. Regima specialize in pigmentation sun damage And scaring. I can gigot recommend these products as I worked with these products and have seen results. You can also combine peels with laser therapy.
Over the counter products wont work and mild exfoliation neither you need products to penetrate as the pigmentation is not in the superficial layers but deeper. Go to http://www.regimaskincare.com and the flagship salon is in Wandsworth Town Dr H.
Oh it's also save because these products are natural as well.
Congratulations becoming a mum!
Janine Coetzee
Hi Vickie,
I only had one taster session but red light therapy is supposed to be very good for hormone-related skin pigmentation. I had my taster at Wigmore Beauty and Tanning, the therapists there are very knowledgeable.
Hi Vickie this sounds very much like a condition called melasma....pixel laser or erbium will be a good treatment for this combined with brightening skincare treatments such as SkinScription Medilight and of course hormone rebalance - avoid sun exposure during treatment and wear a good SPF such as SkinScription SunScript which will prevent this getting worse. See our web link for more info.
It sounds as though you may have melasma or 'the mask of pregnancy'. However, you do not have to be in a childbearing state to acquire this dark brown pigmentation that tends to appear on the forehead, cheeks, upper lips and chin. Other factors are: genetic influences, exposure to ultraviolet (UV) radiation, pregnancy, oral contraceptives, estrogen-progesterone therapies, thyroid dysfunction, cosmetics and phototoxic and anti-siezure drugs. You may not be able to control melasma rising but you can limit exacerbating conditions. Sunexposure worsens the condition. Bleaching agents can be effective in the active phase of treatment, but may plateau after approximately 20 weeks. Maintenance therapy should include other agents that can help with depigmentation. Definative treatments include: hydroquinone, tretinion, azalaic acid, kojic acid and topical steroids. Hydroquinone is the most often used agent in the US. Chemical peels can help however, they need to be performed with caution. Laser therapy improves melasma by disrupting melanin granules. Again, sunscreen is definately a preventative treatment!
hi there vickie & thanks for your question. It sounds to me as though you may have a disorder called malasma, which is usually caused from pregnancy. There are a few ways you can help to control this, one is laser treatment, camaflouge make-up. i & t also helps to make sure to to cleanse,tone & moisurise your face. Also i would consider a different contraceptive other than the pill as this can make it worse. It you want more info check out you tube as there are lots of videos to help, but i think the real best way to remove you condition is to have laser treatment.. Kind Regards Emma
Other options would include Obagi Nu-Derm skincare, products contain Hydroquinone which gradually works on the melanocytes which pigment your skin. You use the creams daily as cleanser toner clear exfoderm blender and SPF steps. The treatment also works to brighten your skin and smooth fine lines and wrinkles. It is prescription only and can be arranged through a trained physician. Cost is about £350 for the initial set and you can add tretinoin (for spots/acne and Vitamin C serums at extra cost) You may also be able to treat using IPL sessions.
Skin peels can help to minimise pigmentation. There are many different types of peel, depending on your skin type and skin ageing. They will help to freshen your skin appearance and are best given in a series of 4-6 at monthly intervals. Depending on the type of peel and the practitioner you can pay anything up to £200 for a single peel. Less invasive ones are cheaper and more technical, prescription only / Doctor lead peels would be more expensive.
A course of 6 peels would be about £650-£800 from a medical practitioner.
Please let me know if I can be of any further help.
Dr Anna Hemming
Microdermabrasion helps with skin surface problems.
This kind of pigmentation can arise from the raised hormone levels in pregnancy, and similar can happen when on the contraceptive pill. A course of medium depth chemical peels can treat this very well. Hope this helps.
Dr Kim Thomas, Camomile Medical.
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