Im 28 weeks pregnant and have developed really bad acne around my chin area. HELP?!

Ive tried changing my cleanser and regualr facials but often makes it flare up. Its really obvious and im so embarassed. Is there anything anyone can recommend please?
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Hello, the best thing right now is to stop using anything you have been buying off the shell, cleanser, facials e.t.c. This is because it might just make it worst due to your condition, because sometimes all this stuff will not work until you give birth and your hormones are back to normal. The best soution right now is to go natural.
Put 1tsp of Cooking Salt in a tiny bowl, add 1tsp of water to it and mix together. Wash your hands and wet the affected area with warm water....Apply the salt paste to the affected area very well in a gentle massage motion. Do not be tempted to scrub too hard. Leave it on the area for 15mins,(you might feel some tingly,this is normal) then rince off with Lukewarm water and wash your face with herbal or natural facial wash (I suggest you pick a good one from Holland & Barret or any similar shop). Repeat 4 nights a week for 2 weeks. you might decide to do every other day. After the first two weeks, change to 2nights a week for another 2weeks.
This Home Treatment will control more breakout by killing the bacteria from the root and also dry up existing ones. Try to purchase a good Moisturizers that contains SOY or GREEN TEA. ( It can help prevent breakouts, brighten skin and can help fade pigmentation spots left by acne scars). Use it as your facial moisturizer from now on....night time before bed and also daytime, but the above Salt treatment should be done at night time only. On the days that you don't do the treatment....just wash your face with the Herbal/Natural Facial wash at night and apply the Moisturizer.
I hope this infomation will help you. If you do not see any changes or should you develop an irritation or adverse reaction, discontinue use immidiately.
Tip: To prevent breakout, never touch your face with unwashed hands


i would recommend you do patch test on your skin before you do this (pop a little bit on the skin right behind your ear and leave for 20 mins) if there is no reaction then go ahead with this great advice. Skin can become quite sensitive to all sorts of things during pregnancy
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My partner found this kindle book very helpful!
This is, believe it or not, a common problem during pregnancy. As you already know it is your hormone and circulation changes which make acne flare ups more of a problem.
In pregnancy some of the more common medical treatments such a retinols and skin treatments are contra-indicated.
There are some lovely products from Glo Therapeutics which may help. They have an acne cleanser and purifying toner, as well as purifying cleanser if the problem is not too severe. There are a number of serums in the range which are retinol free and an oil control gel too.
It may be best to have your skin checked by a professional who can recommend safe effective products for you to use with regard to your skin and gestation of your pregnancy.
I hope you find resolution very soon and would be very happy to see you if convenient for you.
Good Luck with everything.
Dr Anna Hemming
During pregnancy your hormones are riding a roller coaster & what suits you one week may well change the following week. During this time your most important beauty aid is Water!
Don't forget that coffee, tea & alcohol all contribute to the toxins , whilst water will help to flush them away, green tea is also high on my recommendation list for cleansing the system. Ensure your skin care products are fragrance free and try not to mix product ranges as this can often lead to products 'disagreeing' with each other.
Have a happy pregnancy
As you may know during pregnancy hormones are very active and produces a hormone called progesterone which keeps our muscles relaxed in the womb, so that it doesn't contract and lead to a miscarriage.However, many women like yourself can suffer from acne. This is because this hormone level becomes too high which causes the oil glands to become overactive, leading to excess oil secretion, causing oily skin. Therefore, this makes the skin prone to breakouts.
As was mentioned salt in warm water is very good for getting rid of all the bacteria and dirt off the area. Sea salt in particular.
Have you thought about maybe getting a facial? Not only will it be a great way to distress and relax but it will give you a deeper and effective cleansing. A professional therapist will know which products to use on you and will be able to give you a much targeted and professional skin care regime.
I am a professional beauty therapist and I carry out treatments in my client's homes. Have a look at my website:
I recommend the full relaxation facial, as you will get a deep soothing face, neck and shoulder massage with steaming, extractions and mask. the steaming will really help, as it opens up blocked pores and takes out all the excess oil.
If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me. All my details are on the website.
I would also recommend you use skin care products for very sensitive skin (i.e with no alcohol, perfumes, colourants or preservatives). Your hormones during pregnancy are just reacting differently to the ingredients you usually use in your skin care products. You will need to accept thats what you body is doing for a while, but you can keep the affect to a minimum with this advice. Try not to be tempted to keep changing the products you try.....remember anything you use will take up to 3/4 weeks before you are seeing the full affect on your skin, swapping and changing products will only make the problem worse...find a good natural brand and stick with it.
Also try and use the minimum products i.e Cleanser (most sensitive skin products have cleanser and toner in one), moisturiser and exfoliator to use twice a week.
Remember this is a temporary thing, before you know it, it will be all gone and you will have a beautiful baby and lovely skin again
Would recommend:
Elemis SOS emergency cream
L'Occitane Shea Cotton range
A little tip for really sensitive days: Slice a cucumber and place on your face for 10 mins....very cooling and relieving..........good luck !
Ow sweetgheart I know hoew you feel I went through much the same I believe its your pregnancy hormones, just dont over indulge the area in creams and lotions that will make it worse, stick with a gentle cleansing routine.
I laugh when my son was born it was like before he was born I was one person after he was born I was another, the hormones all went up in the air and landed in a differnt place, the good news is it will all settle down, congratulations to you and enjoy your pregnacy.
Your 'acne' phase is normal during a pregnancy caused by hormones called androgens. Try and relax, do not stress about your normal skin regime, i.e. facials, etc. An organic aloe vera can help to calm skin eruptions. A Whole Food Store, Boots or Holland Barrett can be of help. Keep hydrated. Is your moisturiser oil free? Steam your face, not with boiling water. Do not rub your skin, pat it dry. Keep away from scented products.
Good luck with your pregnancy!
I agree with each of my colleagues. Your acne appears to be related to hormonal changes as a result of your being pregnant.
I agree with Becky0, your hormones will be changing throughout your pregnancy. Don't have any more facials at the moment, these have most probably made the situation worse! I would also recommend that you stick to sensitive facial products even after your baby is born. Let your skin breathe and it will return to normal within a few months. Remember, your body and your baby are going through natural changes everyday!! Wishing you and your family all the best and let us know how things are going for you.
Yes acne is normal during pregnancy the same thing happened to me. I can recommend Regima skincare products the only product that worked for me. They offer greate treatments and fantastic safe product that you can use during pregnancy.
All the best becoming a mum soon :)
Hi, I've found Elemis SOS emergency cream is great for hormonal outbreaks as it has lavender to heal and repair the skin and helps to reduce inflammation. Hope this helps ;) good luck with the rest of ur pregnancy xx
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