i have really bad pores and blackheads and greasy skin.What treatment do you recomend please.

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Dear Niki,
I don't know how old you are. In teens this problem could be linked with excess skin oil production (sebum) due to hormonal changes. In adults 21+ it could be again due to many different medical reasons. Generally though it is a genetic predisposition. Have you spoken to your GP about your skin problem?
With regard to cosmetic treatments. We have seen many patients presenting with adverse side effects from chemical peels used to treat acne. This is why I think a low dosage of specially selected by your GP antibiotics should be the first treatment choice for you.
With regards to enlarged pores, I would recommend Carboxytherapy. It is also very effective to heal active spots, with the spots healing literally over night after treatments.
If you have any questions, please do not hesitate contacting us either by email on carboxy@live.co.uk or by calling us.
Kind regards
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Can I have RioBlush-Carboxytheraby when I using benzol peroxide on night?
I think it is important to consider what is going on internally. If the skin is showing impurities then you can be certain that things aren't so great on the inside. There are so many considerations, and the obvious being to ensure you get plenty of water, lots of fruit and veg, fibre and lean meat (which I would recommend only 2-3 times a week). The bowel is our sewage system, and if this is not evacuating frequently (at least 1-2 day), then the waste stagnates, and putrification occurs. This has to be managed somehow, and if this is not happening the body will re-aborb the toxins, and this in turn will affect the blood, skin and a myriad of other systems.
The next thing to consider is the effect our environment has on us. Our modern world has created many chemicals that we are continually exposed to, and one of these groups is called Xeno-Eostrogens. Xeno-eostrogens come in many forms, from plastics, growth hormones given to our animals to produce meet and dairy products, and the contraceptive pill.
Xeno-eostrogens once in the body mimic oestrogen. This confuses our systems and disrupts the hormonal balance. Is it any wonder that the skin can't cope!
When treating clients with skin complaints such as acne, I always aim to try to restore balance. That is how you get lasting effects, but this does requires some lifestyle changes, in effect, cleaning up your environment internally and externally.
Then to treat the skin with calming and non-abrasive products. I treat clients with the Dr.Schrammek regulating skin care products, they are free of additives and the horrible stuff, and once the skin has been analysed would suggest a GREEN PEEL. This is a herbal peel with no harsh chemicals, the herbs will feed the skin and you will have a marked improvement after only 1 treatment. It is important to note that this peel does not thin or wound the skin. It peels and feeds the skin in harmony with nature, and produces fantastic results that last.
I would also suggest you order some Omega Blood Wash, and you can get this from http://www.omegawash.com. This stuff is amazing at cleaning the body of chemicals, parasites, viruses and pathogens. Have a look at their web site, it has so many health benefits that I have been an avid user all through the winter months.
If you need any further advice, please do not hesitate to contact me.
Belinda x
Hi there,
From a purely personal point of view (having suffered with oily skin for many years) whatever your age, I suggest first that you see your GP.
This is what I found works for me:
1) Eating enough fibre daily
2) Drinking plenty of water daily
If you’re suffering from blackheads etc. it can be a sign that your gut and intestines need to be cleansed (the toxins from your gut will often show up in your skin/face). This means flushing them out slowly; to do this you need fibre and water in your daily diet.
3) Use Rosewater to cleanse your face day and night (use it like you would a toner)
4) Use a light cream (fragrance and paraben free) or Aloe Vera gel to protect the skin day and night
5) If my face gets oilier in the day, I use blotting papers to remove excess oil off skin surface
Rosewater can be found in some supermarkets. I use a double strength Organic Aloe Vera gel.
I don’t use any alcohol based products on my skin anymore. After a period of time I didn’t see a noticeable difference to my skin condition after using a variety of products.
I hope this helps! You are welcome to get in touch if you have any questions.
Best wishes, Daniella
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Hi Niki
There are a number of things that can help with black heads and spots.
I'm a GP with a special interest in skin, skin care and aesthetic treatments and have a number of suggestions.
First it is important to look at your age, skin type and spot disribution. Diet and weight also bear a factor as well as environmental stimulus.
We can treat with creams such a Benzoyl Peroxide and Antibiotic mixes or Salycylic Acid depending on your skin type and nature of the spots. There are creams available on private prescription too such as Obagi CLENZIderm, NuDERM, NeoSrata and GloTherapeutic. Oli control Gels and facial cleanser and toner for acne prone skin are suitable too. Glo do a fantastic Healing gel for those red tender deep spots.
After a period to pre treatment Skin Peels in the correct hands can be very effective. There are so many types of peel nowdays that it is important to find on specific for acne prone skin. These do help to decrease pore size and reduce spots, your practitioner would have to be careful not to cause sensitization which is why we always recommend a skin test before going ahead with the full treatment.
I hope this helps and good luck
Dr Anna Hemming
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Some of these replies seem to be going staight for the harshest treatments. Why not go for a professional facial with extractions to get all the blackheads etc out once per month then try Dermalogica special cleansing gel twive per day, clay mask twice per week, drink lots of water, keep the make-up off for a couple of weeks and see how you go. Give it 4 weeks. Never mind acids and chemical peels.....:0)
Hi Niki, it sounds like you need a systematic approach to get your skin under control! I suggest a course of medical microdermabrasion and chemical peels taken intermittently to clear away excess dirt and oil. Salicylic Acid is a great tool for achieveing this, therefore maintain the results of your treatments by using skincare such as our SkinScription range which will help to exfoliate and clear the skin.
Dear Niki,
It is very difficult to advise on a specific brand of products. However, what I know is that most of people with your skin compaint make a simple mistake by using products for oily skin. You should use products for sencitive skin. Also try to look into your diet. Foods rich in sugars and cholesterol will stimulate and thicken the sebum produced by your skin and make the skin greasy. Try to cleanse your skin with distilled witch hazel and use calamine lotion to calm your skin down.
I hope this is helpful.
I know it is hard. Particularly when you have children and have a lot of responsibilities. It can be stressful and overwelming at times. Please try not get too stressed, try to relax a little bit, do some gentle excersise - that would help you with your skin too.
Kind regards
Lisa x
Photo rejuvantion may help with the the pores if you are over the age of 18. you need to good skin care routine and deep cleaning facials.Also look at your diet and lifestyle.


bekki. can you tell me what product i need to buy for home so i can start a skin care routine please. thank you
Dear Niki,
I tend to agree with Lisa below. Your first step should be to discuss the problem with your GP, as this could be sue to a variety of factors such as hormonal imbalances.
With regards to chemical peels, these are often instrumental in solving the problems you outlined. Together with treating open pores, greasy skin and blackheads, when used carefully chemical peels can also control hyperpigmentation, acne and the appearance of fine lines.
It is however imperative to note that you should never undergo a facial peel without preparing the skin first for at least 6 weeks. There are many products on the market, employing tretinoin, trichloroacetic acid, salicylic acid, AHAs among others. Many people find that by using the priming products only (as is often the case with certain treatments such as the Obagi Nu-Derm system) their skin improves significantly, thus obviating the need for the peel.
The most important thing is to discuss your symptoms and all the possible treatment options at length with your GP or cosmetic doctor. being aware of the risks of the procedures and the risks of doing nothing about the problem too.
Should you need any further information, please contact us: info@aesthetic-virtue.co.uk
Kindest regards
Medical Director
Aesthetic Virtue
I would suggest a deep cleansing facial with salycilic chemical peel. Specifically: a thorough cleansing, skin analysis, extractions (as needed) dermaplaning, followed with a chemical peel. You should also begin using a medical grade skin care program for home use. Perferrably a line that contains glycolic and/or salycilic acid. Your professional should explain how to use these products and how often.
Based upon your answers to your professional's questionaire, he/she may make suggestions or referrals (as needed) regarding diet, fluids, environmental, hormonal, stress, cleansing habits and various other factors.


im 40 and i never cleans tone or moisturize my face.Because i just done have a clue of what product's to use.Sad i know.Im a mum of 2 my youngest is 3 months and i guess all my time gets spend on my newborn.Please tell me what products i need to buy i would love a new me :) many thanks
Regarding facial treatments in beauty salons, applying seaweed to the skin as part of treatment can help open the pores of the skin, allowing toxins and bacteria to be expelled from the pores and at the same time allowing minerals and vitamins enter the skin.
Another great way to revitalize the skin and help the active ingredients of skincare products gain deeper penetration into your skin up to 5 times is the microcurrent facial which uses galvanic treatment technology. The benefits of this treatment include:
- Deep cleansing
- Improved functions of the skin by helping to improve the skin’s blood circulation
- Helps remove sebaceous blockage and clear congestion that leads to acne and therefore contributes to spot reduction
- Reduces the oiliness of the skin
- Improved oxygen levels
- Improved moisture retention and hydration levels
Caring properly for the skin at home is also very important to keep it healthy and ensure that your skin works right. Proper cleansing, exfoliation, and moisturizing are the best ways to control the build up of bacteria and reducing blackheads. It is also helpful to change your pillow cases at least every 2 or 3 days. Imagine that your face presses into your pillow case; you are rubbing all sorts of bacteria, oil, and dead skin into the fabric and then onto your face every day. When you go shopping for skincare products, look for:
- Salicylic Acid helps clear follicles and kills acne bacteria
- Kaolin (oil-absorbing clay)
- Eucalyptus (draws out impurities)
The skin needs a balance of water and oil to be healthy and just because your skin is oily, it does not mean that moisture is not required. You need to moisturise well so your skin does not feel ‘thirsty’ and produce even more oil.


im 40 and i never cleans tone or moisturize my face.Because i just done have a clue of what product's to use.Sad i know.Im a mum of 2 my youngest is 3 months and i guess all my time gets spend on my newborn.Please tell me what products i need to buy i would love a new me :) many thanks
I would recommend Dermalogica products. Please contact me via email: beauty@makeupbyjoannad.co.uk I would like to ask you first a few questions. The consultation will help me to advise you on the right products for your skin type and conditions. Regards Joanna