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Question: I have quite a bit of scarring from acne. What sort of chemical peel would be best for me?

Asked by isabellewahanda

16 answers

The scarring is all on my face and while I have fewer breakouts I still have 1 or 2 ongoing. Is it safe to do a peel and which peel would be best?

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It is not safe to do a chemical peel for any skin type, it will damage your skin further, destroying the stratum corneum and making you photosensitive indefinitely. Scarring can be naturally and effectively reduced by using products that nourish and work in synergy with the skin. A bespoke blend natural serum and the Bioptron lamp facials would offer remarkable results.

If you are still having breakouts however few, there remains a residual hormonal imbalance - use Agnus Castus to balance and cut out refined and processed food and all processed sugar. Switch to natural sugar, for example organic coconut palm sugar.


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Before recurring to a peel I would recommend the use of silicon or collagen sheets, which you may be able to get from a good dermatologist. Those are very effective and non invasive to deal effectively with post acne scarring.


Hi Isabelle
I would have to see your skin properly but would use either chemical peel or Dermaroller or a combination of both
Hope that helps?
Jen x


Hi Isabellewahanda

Depending on how deep/old the scarring is as there could be several options available. A resurfacer could be sufficient, a TCA peel or possibly a course of Derma Roller or similar type treatments.
I would recommend being seen by a reputable skin clinic as they can analyze your skin and will be able to provide you with a full consultation and guidance as to which option would be most effective.

I would be happy to provide you with further information. My details can be found below




Hi Isabelle.
It would be of benefit to have your skin assessed first and I would expect any practitioner offering you a service to do this. For acne scarring a salicylic or TCA peel is a god option.If you can stretch to an Obagi Blue Peel this is brilliant. the use of dermal roller can be effective in acne scar reduction as well. I would like to see your skin before suggesting an exact treatment.



Find your nearest reputable skin clinic that specialises in deeper skin treatments like Derma Roller, TCA peels etc. Derma Quest is a fantastic range for Acne - including active acne and the residual scarring left behind. Having been an acne sufferer I have had Derma roller and a TCA this last 12 months and I cannot tell you what a relief it is to not have horrible skin. The amount of comments that clients have made seeing it from it's worst to it's best in years has been fantastic. Mine was adult acne that started through a massive stress overload, never suffered as a teenager so at 43 my skin rejuvenating properties are not going to be as good as a younger clients either and it's tightened, glowing and near enough scar free- I even go out without my make up on without feeling like everyones looking at my face!
Good Luck



Pyruvic acid works very good for acne as well as hyperpigmentation and scaring from acne. The only one thing about this is you can only do this at autum, winter and early spring time because it is much stronger than glycolic acid.
Now I finishing all courses with my acne and post-acne clients.



Hi Isabelle.

Chemical peels have their place but dermroller has really proven itself time and time again from what I have seen. Its a great treatment and high impact results can be seen after only a few treatments which although painful, yield great improvement for acne scarring and pitted skin and stretch / scar marks. I'd need to assess you to be sure but it would be wise to investigate the dermaroller treatments. I'd advise not using a home kit and the needles are too short to give as good a result and should be carried out by a healthcare proffessional who has had appropriate training.



Hi Isabelle, I will recommend you to find a reputable clinic which is specialising in acne and consult with them with your history before you decide any treatment.

In my experience Derma roller will be kind to the skin & effective followed by oxygen facial. This will improve your scar tissues, complexion & creates the perfect foundation for healthy skin renewal. I hope this helps?



First you need to see a Cosmetic Dermaologist for a consutation to assess the extent of your acne scarring and treat any active acne that you might have. Combining dermaroller (medical micro-needling) and topical retonoids will get you excellent results for improvement of your acne scarring. Go to a reputable Doctor led clinic with experience in this area. Laser can also be used with excellent results for acne scarring but is not suitable for all skin types. Newer treatments for acne scarring include radiofrequency. Find a good local Cosmetic Physician with experience in this area and ask to see some before andd after photos of their work.

Dr Ward
The Skin Clinic Sevenoaks


Contact Princess Soraya Salon
38 Rosemont Road
Tel 02077942835
Mob 07802 783462

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What does Bio-Activated Organic Silicium do?

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For Scaring (Acne, Accident, Cut, Wound, Surgury scars)
- Drink silicium liquid each morning.
- Apply silicium Peau gel 3 times a day on cleansed, damp
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- Use a good cream with SPF on top of the gel.

Sources: Internet:


Hi Isabelle - we often get asked about acne scarring - this is such a common problem, yet you no longer have to suffer with the new technology skin treatments on the market at the moment. A combination of peels, skincare and possibly lasers will systematically combat scarring and resurface the skin. The best peel without any doubt would be one that contains Salycylic Acid which gently exfoliates the skin and stimulates the growth of new skin cells. Try our Purification Peel in combination with SkinScription Radical skincare range to maintain the fabulous results at home between peels.



Hi Isabelle

I recently had a Dermaroller treatment at Clinica Fiore, compared to chemical peels Dermaroller uses your skin's own healing ability to produce new collagen. This is ideal for acne scarring as new skin cells raise to the surface filling the gaps left by acne.

I was very impressed with my treatment, I would recommend it.



I would say hat dermaroller is the best treatment for acne scarring as it is rebuilding the skin, if you are tanned especially, peels and microdermabrasion can cause pigmentation marks. Whilst having dermaroller treatments it is best not to combine them with anything as the skin needs to regenerate so you can see results



Dermaroller is the best thing for acne scars. It is non-invasive and is regenerating your skin rather than traumatizing it. It is also best not to have other treatments whilst having dermaroller treatments as the skin needs to recover so that you can see results. When used in conjunction with serums this is a highly effective solution, Especially if the skin is olive or tanned, microdermabrasion and peels can cause pigmentation problems, whereas the dermaroller does not.



you should try glycolic peel. they are pretty safe and you can do them youself at home.


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