Does a brazilian blow dry have the same effects as hair relaxing treatment?

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Hi Vivoca
We use Kerastraight Brazilian Blow dry Treatment in our Salons and my answer is no it dosn't have the same effect as a relaxer, although it does it does help to straighten out the curls or frizz. Also it will naturally fade out of the hair, it dosn't grow out.
The process of the Kerastraight service takes between 2-4 hrs. It can be applied to coloured hair and the effect lasts up to 4 months. The result is much more manageable hair, quicker and easier to blow dry yourself and softer and silier to the touch. Hope this helps!


I mean silkier not sillier!!
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Unsure what hair relaxer treatment you are refering to, but Coppollo Keratin complex treatment reduces 95% of frizz it will not remove curl. In my experiece it will soften curl it relaxes curl but it won't remove it. My daughter is mixed race my husband black and I'm white and our daughters have had it done and they have kept their curl but it looks like they have had an amazing conditioning treatment. They are able to manage their hair much better and comb it through easily.
This servce will straighten certain hair types i.e some of my clients who have very soft european curls it has removed it. so to give you a more concise answer I would need to see your naturel hair type
Another big difference is this will not grow out. It gradually comes off the hair surface and your natural hair returns so you donnot have the problem of unsightly regrowth. it will last anywhere between 4 - 6 months.
Please feel free to have a look at our web site where we have alot more info available.
I hope this helps and answers your question.
Hi Vivoca,
This is what the expert say:
Brazilian Treatment coats the hair with keratin, which prevents any further damage occurring to your hair. It works as an intensive conditioner leaving the hair looking glossy, soft and feeling healthy, taking away all the frizziness, which is everyone's dream. While most of straightening methods are permanent, changing the structure of the hair and making it look dry, lifeless, brittle and very damage.
It is suitable for all hair types, including chemically treated, coloured, highly lightened, bleached, permed, very dry & on virgin hair.
Results are visible immediately after treatment is completed altough is not permanent every time you have the treatment done you get a better result. Normally the treatment lasts up to 4 months on chemically treated hair and up to 2 months on virgin hair.
So YES it does take the frizz away.
BUT it will be only semi permanent solution.
AND it wont dry the hair as permanent solution.
Hope this helps.