There are many products available now - which is your favourite one and why?

I have been doing Brazilian Keratin Straigtening Treatment for almost 2 years now. I have tried BEOX and QOD so far. I am satisfied with the BEOX treatment (low formaldehyde and good finish, leave it on for 1 day only) but I would like to know what you are using and why it is your favourite?
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In our Salon we use KeraStraight as it is well know within the industry and it does what is says. There are many good and bad, cheep and expensive products as you know, but I think most important is the fact that we have chosen is 100% formaldehyde and aldehyde free. KeraStraight contains 22 carat gold, which enable them to replace all the cheep and bad substitutes that makes Brazilian Blow dry’s toxic. Also KeraStraight is a large company that does a lot of marketing and we find that clients often already know about it before they arrive at our salon. Their shampoo and conditioners we’ve been selling to people with extensions and dry hair even though they haven’t had the treatment. Only downfall is that the same day treatment is not as effective on some hair types as 2 day treatment, but like with any product once you start using it you learn how to get the best result from their Brazilian Blow Dry system.
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My Favorite is Cocoa Keratin by Karmin :)
I have been performing the BKT for 2 years now, and I have used the BEOX Morroccan formula too. I've tried alot of BKTs, but the ones I've used on clients repeatedly have been: Global Keratin , Brazilian Blowout, Kerafusion by Defabulous, Marcia Teixeira Chocolate & Advanced formulas and Coppola Keratin Complex Original & Express Blowout.
Out of all of these, my top picks for the last year have been these 3 product ranges:
1) GLOBAL KERATIN Light Wave or Resistant for very curly clients that don't mind not washing their hair for 48hrs.
2) I use BRAZILIAN BLOWOUT for all other client types because there is no waiting time
3) For introducing clients to the service I like the KERATIN COMPLEX EXPRESS Blowout.
All of my favourites are applied to damp hair (so I don't have an extra drying step). The support material and products from my suppliers are awesome. It is also important that there is brand recognition from the clients too! Brazilian Blowout and Keratin Complex are like Kleenex and Coca-Cola in my opinion when it comes to Smoothing services! I hope this helps out in your exploration of the ever expanding BKT world.


Thank you , Robert, for your answer. Did you come across products based on alcohol rather then formaldehyde? It has been written about this a lot and clients are aware of the potential risks too.... but alcohol based formulas are suppose to be SAFE?
There are so many on the market and the names differ from country to country too sometimes I am not sure if we are talking about the same think!