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I have had bad acne for 10 years and have recently packed in smoking and would like a deep peel that can improved my complextion
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Have a skin consultation first to establish what facial peel and the depth of the peel (light, medium, deep) are right for you as some peels may not be appropriate for some skin types and conditions. It is also important to test a small patch of skin first before proceeding because, for example, allergic reactions are possible and sometimes changes in pigmentation in people with dark skin. Your consultant should inform you about the risks before beginning the treatment and should give you recommendations in relation to your recovery after treatments.
Facial peels are a type of skin resurfacing that will remove the top layer of skin and reveal the smoother skin beneath. However, depending on your skin conditions, you could also consider a microcurrent facial treatment. This is a treatment that sends electrical signals to the facial muscles to promote collagen production. This can then lead to tighter and toned skin, a clearer complexion, reduced acne scarring and it can give your skin a healthy glow.
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Firstly you need to look at the cause of the acne and then treat. So for example is the acne hormonal? Would a trip to the GP help? I am not a doctor (obviously) but I am aware that there are many contraceptive pills available that can help with hormonal adult acne.
There are two types of acne that appear in the form of papules and pustules on the skin Acne Vulgaris is a term for very angry acne with the appearance of raised pustules on the skins surface. From a therapists perspective this can be hard to treat if the skin is sore and open – this is where I would always suggest a client have a doctor’s referral before commencing treatment.
However you may not be so severe so I would firstly suggest a product called MD Formulations. This is a Glycolic Acid based product that gently but effectively exfoliates and deep cleanses the skin. Acne can be worsened by a thickening of the top layer of the Epidermis which can build up and block the pores and sebaceous glands creating a vicious cycle – the more dead skin, the more the pore will block and so on. So MD Formulations and the use of Glycolic Acid is an excellent way to treat this condition.
Once the acne is controlled you can discuss a maintenance programme with your therapist and a homecare routine.
If you are allergic or sensitive ensure your therapist carries out a full consultation and patch test prior to your treatment.
I hope this helps – good luck!
Your decision to stop smoking is going to be a real boost to your skin tone and you should begin to notice subtle differences quite quickly. As far as the acne is concerned I assume you have acne scarring as well as current breakouts Have you determined why you are prone to acne, as there can be a couple of reasons including hormonal imbalance. This may need to be addressed before you embark on any treatments. If you are just unlucky (sometimes it's simply genetic) then there are a number of things you can do to improve your skin.
A chemical peel or microdermabrasion are both good treatments although I would not recommend either of these if your acne is very active. If this is the case I would seek out a good therapist who will work out a programme of treatments (including your home routine) that will help balance the sebum levels in your skin. When this is under control the active acne will start to subside and you can then move onto other treatments to help eliminate any acne scarring you may have.
Laser resurfacing or deep chemical peels are usually more effective for deep scarring while microdermabrasion or dermarolling are more suited to mild scarring.
The only other advice I can give is please be patient - There are no instant cures with acne and while it may take a little time to get your skin back on track you will begin to see the differences fairly quickly if you work with your therapist.
Hope this helps.
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Hi there,
I had acne for 6 years and I used to go to here http://www.bodyvie.com/ for peels / micro dermabrasion's. They also recommended environ moisturiser which as Retin A and renews your skin. My scarring is minimal :) Also check out my Blog on Acne http://laurasmobilebeautytreats.over-blog.com/article-how-you-can-treat-adult-acne-62556508.html and I also do facials that help.
Based upon your self description of your skin and the addition of smoking (environmental damage), I would suggest that you seek a professional Esthetician, first. And, I suspect that they will begin with a deep pore cleansing facial, followed by extractions, as needed. The appropriate chemical peel or microdermabrasion may be included, as well. I would also recommend that you purchase a clinical strength, home care products regime to compliment the treatments provided. Continue to return for future facials approximately every four to six weeks, or as advised by the professional.
At Calma we don't offer Peels at the moment but Aesthetician Hayley O'Neill offers Dermaroller, excellent for acne scarring, and fine lines without the down time. For further information or to discuss your options you can call her on 07792227858. Hope that helps you!
Hi Do you want a chemical peel or a laser peel? Perhaps a consultation first would be a good idea.