This morning a friend of mine said that Brazilian blow damages hair? I'm sure this is not true?

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Hi Reshmna, I had a brazilian blow dry done about 8 months ago and definitely didn't nor haven't seen any damage to my hair. In fact previous to the treatment I was using hair straighteners daily and now use them very infrequently so I think that's actually helped my hair. Here's my review on wahanda.
Hope that helps.
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I had this done last year and it lasted about 6 months my hair is very dry, frizzy and curly. It was well worth every penny I paid (it cos me £500 on a Caribbean Cruise). It does not damage your hair it makes it feel soft, silky, shiny and absolutely beautiful. You wake up in the morning and wash your hair and it blow dries exactly as you want it too. But make sure that it is Brazilian Blow Out and not the other copy cats that are out there. Check out it does exactly as it says on the tin, and there is definetely no damage to your hair.
There are certain Brazilian Blow Dry distributors that are retailing around the Europe which havent passed any appropriate checks, therefore whenever choosing the treatment it is essential to find out all about the product used.
The leading industry trichologist recommend the treatment in some cases in order to repair damaged hair. it makes hair stronger and more resistant to mechanical factors. However the wrong product can cause damaged and can even be poisonous for the client the same way as right product in wrong hands can also cause a lot of damage. My advise for anyone who is consider having the treatment is to invest time in researching finding out everything there is to know about the product and experience of the professional performing the treatment. If you feel that the ingredient list is complicated and you don't understand half of the ingredients stated, don't let it to end up on your scalp.
When done properly and professionally, the Brazilian Keratin Treatments are great at smoothing, protecting and conditioning the hair. If the hair is damaged already or highly lightened, the hair can be damaged with too hot of a flat iron when having the service done. If the hair is severely damaged, it is not recommended to do such a treatment, nothing short of cutting will revive seriously damaged hair. There are many treatments out there that use a varied range of heat to seal the hair, anywhere from 280-400F.
As far as I know it does not damage the hair or the health. There are treatments which contain formaldehyde, but just research the products being used. It's not hard. Let's face it, it is definitely NOT as damaging as most other services; bleach; tint; regular use of straighteners. Even shampoos and conditioners are worse when one doesn't use professional products from the salon.
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