can u use lash condtioner/enhacers with individual lash entensions, would it weaken the glue?

i have a client who's lashes are very weak and very few but wants lash extensions, it is becoming very difficult has i have not much left to attange to, i want to recommend an enhancers if anyone can recommend that too, but dont want it to interfere with the lash extensions, any advice?
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Assuming that the client has healthy lashes and is a good candidate for lash extensions AND assuming that the lashes has been applied correctly by a certified lash extension specialist, then YES one can use one of the new lash growth enhancement products. The lashes need to have been applied 1mm away from the eyelid!!! If this has been done while being applied, then you can apply a lash enhancement. However, I would not begin doing so for several days after a lash application or refill.
In fact, the lash company that I have trained with and whose glue that I use, now offers a lash enhancement product! And, I personally wear lash extensions and yes, I do use a lash enhancement product, as well. I do so to keep my natural lashes strong and healthy. The stronger and healthier the natural lashes, the easier it is to apply lash extensions.
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Hi there,
Please do not treat this client if her lashes are very weak! Absolutely recommend Rapid lash!! you can purchase it from Boots or maybe superdrug, it about £39.99 and a few of my clients that have used it have much stronger, thicker, longer and gorgeous lashes! It takes about 6-12 weeks but amazing results..
As with everything, at clients discretion to use it and read info on the box.
Hope this helps :)
Everyone is different, but personally, if her lashes are very sparse and weak, I wouldnt recommend lash extensions. I would recommend the client uses a lash conditioner (depending on how much client wants to spend, 'Revitalash' is fantastic - but quite expensive).
I would recommend taking a suppliment such as "Hair, skin and nails" as well as a lash conditioner.
If you are going to continue with the lash extensions, I would recommend against using a lash conditioner as this will weaken the lash extensions / glue.
Hope this helps.
If the lashes are very weak and sparse i wouldn't do them,give them a break for 6 weeks and get her to use a conditioning treatment to strengthen them. After 6 weeks they should have renewed themselves and be in better condition.
I wouldn't do it on very weak lashes!tell her to buy mavala double lash conditioner and use it at least for a month then come back and do extension.
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