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Question: Do semi permanent lashes damage your natural lashes? Mine look really thin now.

Asked by alayne

17 answers

I was going to get them redone as they looked great but having 2nd thoughts now. As they've gradually come off, I've noticed my own lashes are sparse. I haven't rubbed or picked at all.

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Your lashes look sparse because you have been used to having the extensions on.
They will not damage your natural lashes as long as they have been applied properly - lash to lash and the correct length and thickness for the lash that it has been applied to.
As long as you have not been picking at them and you have had them applied by a professionally trained and qualified technician, then you have nothing to worry about.
Enjoy your lashes!

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Eyelash extensions are in a way like hair extensions if you keep having them done they may thin your lashes, I would recommend leaving them for a special occasion or holiday and using a lash treatment at night to restore you natural lash thickness a chep option is just vasaline or there are many on the market such as Rapid Lash from Boots and Ojon Restoritive Lash Treatment and Mascara from


Semi permanent lashes should not cause your natural lashes to thin out. And, I agree that once they have been applied and you no longer have them, then yes, your lashes will appear thinner once they are all gone or if you did not have them relashed within the required duration of time (two to three weeks.) However, if you have been getting them relashed within the required time and you have not rubbed or pulled them, then you just may be experiencing a natural growth spurt. At some point everyone experiences lash loss. And, there will be times when several lashes will be lost at around the same time. Fortunately, the lashes do grow back in. A real concern would be if there were lash loss and the lashes do not grow back.
You may want to consider using a lash conditioner, in the meantime, until such time that you decide whether or not you will have lashes reapplied. I personally wear lash extensions AND I use a lash conditioner. (If my natural lashes are strong, they stay longer and are better able to support wearing the semi permanent lashes, as well.)
Please feel free to visit my website and view the RESTORATION slide show. Hopefully, your lashes are not damaged as the ones that are pictured on my slide show.
Also, I hope that your lash specialist was properly trained, is certified and was using the proper lash glue, applied the lashes 1mm from your lash base, did not apply lashes to long for your natural lashes to support or applied lashes that were too thick or heavy. Each of these could cause natural lash damage.


When I had them done they were amazing! But then when I had them taken off I was left with stumpy lashes and they took ages to grow back! I just use false ones now, so much better! x


i agree with MissPink25 as long as they have been applied in the correct manner they will not damage your lashes.


Hi Alayne

No, they don't damage your lashes. The problem is you get used to seeing yourself with lovely thick lashes and when they come out, your own lashes are, of course, very thin and sparse which is why you have them done in the first place.

You can also purchase lash serums which do nourish and help your own lashes to thicken.

The other treatment you could have is LVL. This is a new technique which lifts your own natural lashes from the root. This creates a wide-eyed younger look.

If you need any more information, please contact me on 020 8236 0429.

Hope this helps!

Laurie Ardeman

020 8236 0429


Most of my clients use a product from boots called (Rapid Lash) apparently really good for strengthening your natural lashes in general and especially when you have a break from the lash extensions, it's a good way of conditioning your lashes, just as we do when we condition our hair..

My clients claim that after using this fabbie product their natural lashes grow twice as long too!!

At your discretion enquire and see what you think. Have a nice day!


I have had a number of clients reporting similar experiences to yourself and I usually recommend Revitalash which will help to lengthen and strengthen your own lashes and is simple and effective.Quite expensive at £95 but lasts about 5-6 months,and takes about 4 weeks for clients to see a noticeable difference,but worth the wait!




Yes that is right it is all about the application and the products used. If the lashes are heavy duty and not suited to you then that is going to cause lashes falling out and potentially make your natural lashes sparse. A thorough consultation should be conducted before your treatment to study your eye shape, texture of hair, length and your desired look. It has to be realistic but most designs can be manipulated in a way that will not leave you with sparse lashes. The cleansing process of the application should be thorough to prevent build up, and carried out every visit to your specialist including regular maintenance. Lashes can be worn without the fear of them damaging your natural lash. Hope this helps.

All the best!

Lars Luan


Hey Alayne,I agree with Laurie and the others ...... Once you have them on your natural lashes automatically look and appear less. As long as they were applied by a quailiied & experienced lash technician , you should be fine and also it is paromount to follow the aftercare to ensure t he upkeep and prevent loss and damage to your natural lashes.

Growth serums are great as they are compatible with your eyelash extensions too and encourage growth.

It's always good to discuss your concerns with your Lash Technician as they maybe able to put you at ease once they have assessed what your lashes present. Also it's important that the job was done well in the first place with a full consultation and the lashes length & density chosen were compatible with your natural lash length and density.

Also each individuals hair cycle is unique therefore wil determine when your extension will fallout and need topping up.

Hope this helps - have a fab day!

everinessence / The Lash Makeover


there is always some damage when false eyelashes come off. A better solution would eb to look at which supplies a great product which actually grows, thickens and darkens your natural lashes



As with all the other great advice posted, if the lashes were applied by an experienced, trained professional you are just noticing how much eyelash extensions improve your lash look. It's the main reason this treatment can become so addictive! I've been wearing my lashes for over 7 years now!!!

If, however, your lashes were put on by a non-professional, or indeed used the express lash method you could have some pre-lash loss. Don't worry though, your lashes will grow back. But beware, extended misuse of this treatment can damage the lash growth and health of your natural lashes.

If you are having concerns contact your eyelash technician who hopefully can put you at ease.

Francesca Middleton
LASH by Francesca Eyelash Extensions

07817 732683



I am a make up artist and I am meeting A LOT of clients saying the same as you and most have now stopped having them. I think they are great for a special occassion but not for all the time.


Not if you get them professionally removed...cost only £3.00 in Iris Brow Lounge.


If you pick at them and pull them off or they have been applied incorrectly then yes. but of course your natural lashes wont be thick and long like you have been used to. i have mine done all the time but a break every 3 months is recommended. they are easy to remove by a professional.


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How long should you have a break for?


How long is recommended for a break?


Yes its true that semi permanent lashes may damage your natural lashes...And it may also happen that they may destroy your hair growth around eyelashes permanently...So for this try to avoid these lashes and for having longer lashes try to use some top rated eyelash enhancers which can definitely help you lot!!!! These contains all natural and safe ingredients so no side effects are there....see some top eyelash enhancers here