I had individual lashes applied and now it stings when I close my eyes. Should I remove them?

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Stinging? why they are stinging, you must have some sort of allergy to the resin used, I have never heard of this one before, it is easy for a professional technician to remove them, may I suggest you try Lvl an alternative to individial lashes it works by lifting up your natural lash it lasts 6wks you have to have an allerge patch test before the treatment.


Thanks for your help, it just stings when I close my eye only one of them right in the outer corner. Its quite bitty there when I touch it, like the glue has dried in a cluster. I'll book myself in to have them removed
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Had individual lashes put on today and when I shut my eye it feels like it's scratching and kind of hurt and annoying help
That's wrong you shouldn't feel that way after having them don. You have to take them off but professionally don't do it by yourself. That way you will loose most of your lashes
yes u should remove them now and I wnt to tell u that applying false lashes may affect ur eyes and lashes too....So don't use these false lashes as it may harm u if u want longer lashes than u can do something by which u get longer lashes for lifetime...Many eyelash enhancers are available nowadays using which u can easily make ur lashes longer...
Yes i would remove the immediately! Sounds like you may be alergic to the glue!
It sounds like they haven't been applied properly and are pulling when you close your eyes. Check with the salon that did them they should have a look at them for you.
Yes, you should have them removed! Do not try to remove them yourself! Your lash specialist should have a remover that simply slides them right off w/o damaging your natural lashes. Sounds like you are having a reaction to the glue. It may contain latex and you may unknowingly have a latex allergy.
Same advice as above really. Some times the glue strength used can be too strong for individuals which causes a stinging sensation when the eyes are closed or get wet. The other cause could be a mature lash has been glued along with a baby lash which can cause a sharp scratch/sting feeling when eyes are closed if you push the lashes against your finger (as if your finger were a mascara wand) you will be able to tell if its that.
Either way, contact your technician ASAP :)


Thanks for your help, it just stings when I close my eye only one of them right in the outer corner. Its quite bitty there when I touch it, like the glue has dried in a cluster. I'll book myself in to have them removed
my advice is pretty much the same as below. remove as quickly as possible if it is irritating you as you may have been allergic to the glue possibly. if you are wanting them applied again make sure a patch test is carried out 24 hrs to 48 hrs prior to make sure.......
Hi there you might have some lashes that have not been bonded well to your natural lashes. This might be causing the lash to scrape against the eyes. You need to go back to where you had them applied and removed professionally.
Sad to hear you have experienced this but sounds like allergic reaction to us and we would suggest to have them removed as it could cause an infection after a while, I would reccommend you to get in touch with the salon and explain your sympthoms and they should do it free of charge. Hope this helps
If it is specifically stinging when you close your eyes, it could be that a lash has been attached to your upper waterline. If you look in the mirror and gently pull up your eyelid, you should be able to see if this is the case. Either way, I strongly recommend you get in touch with your technician as soon as possible.
As earlier said youu should not beable to feel the eyelash extension and most especially, it should not sting. Did you have a patch test doneon you 24-48 hoursbefore your actual treatment and was this lash extension fixed by a well qualified and insured therapist? All I would advise is to get it removed by a qualified therapist as soon as possible. Hope you get it sorted?
Did you get them wet too soon?
If the glue has not dried fully, it will sting when wet.
Or if the extensions or glue are touching the skin, this is incorrectly applied and will be uncomfortable and need to be removed.
Properly applied lashes are seen and not felt. Best to get them removed or fixed by someone reputable.
You should not be able to feel the eyelash extensions full stop. It seems strange that your eyes are stinging as usually this only happens directly after the treatment as the glue is not properly dried. Once it is dried it has no effect. Maybe you have had an allergic reaction to the glue so yes, you should have them removed. Please do this professionally and not yourself as you will lose half your lashes if you attempt it yourself.
Hope this was helpful