Is a Brazilian blow dry any good for relaxed Afro hair? Will it keep hair loose through a wash?

Is there any point on getting a BBW between relaxers to keep it loose and shiny or will it just go back to being stiff after a wash?
Asked by ClareA

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The BKT or Brazilian Blow dry will keep the hair soft if it is relaxed and loosen up the wave/curl if it hasn't been relaxed recently. It will also increase shine, strength and manageability.
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In our Salon we have performed the Keratin treatment on afro hair and it still works wonders. Hair feels softer, healthy and more manageable; however BBD doesn't relax afro hair the same way as chemical straightening. After Brazilian Blow Dry there are chances that your hair still be curly or wave, but will feel much better. For many people with Afro hair, in order to achieve straight effect, would benefit from chemical straightening first and then BBD would put conditions back into hair.
With regards to washing out. As Jimo explained, the treatment is keratin forced back into hair, and sealed in by heat. It will wash out every time you wash your hair, but this should happen gradually. The BBD effect would last on you depending on the product used and how you would how much attention you pay to aftercare. With good product and care should last up to 4 month.
Glad if this was to any help.
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Hi Clare
The Brazilian blow-dry treatment would help with keeping the hair loose and shiny as it formed of keratin which the hair is made up of,and would provide that extra nourishment that relaxed hair needs.
Hope this helps.