Can anyone recommend a great facial to clear pores and give me clearer skin?

My skin has gotten worse in my mid twenties and I'm hoping there are some treatments out there that can keep my skin clearer...
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A great way to revitalize the skin and help the active ingredients of skincare products gain deeper penetration into your skin up to 5 times is the microcurrent facial which uses galvanic treatment technology.
Through gentle massaging actions, gentle galvanic currents help focus on cellular energy and facilitate the transport of key ingredients into skin for improved hydration, circulation and radiance.
The benefits of this treatment include:
- Deep cleansing
- Improved functions of the skin by helping to improve the skin’s blood circulation
- Helps remove sebaceous blockage and clear congestion that leads to acne and therefore contributes to spot reduction
- Reduces the oiliness of the skin
- Improved oxygen levels
- Improved moisture retention and hydration levels
- Increased cell regeneration therefore contributes to quicker healing
- Improved skin tone and radiance
- Helps with lost tone and elasticity by increasing the production of collagen
- Reduces fine lines and wrinkles to smooth out and plump them up
- Helps with skin discolouration, acne and scar concerns to restore the skin back to a healthy luminescent glow and give you a clearer complexion
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Yes I know one treatments that I use every week for my face to treat the same problem and is called ipod for skin or ageLOC Galvanic Spa.
The Galvanic Spa has cleaned out my pores and completely changed my skin.
If you want to try this let me know and I would be able to help you.
Though I'm not a professional, but I have been to so many of them in different countries, with different attitude and techniques, those who treat celebs and those working in hospitals - and all of them would say that whatever you use or do for your skin (definitely it should not be dishwashing liquid!), the most important thing is consistency and systematics!
I love Dermalogica facials. They are perscriptive to your every need. I have tried several products and this one is my favorite! It's available for various salons but you can also go straight to the Dermalogica store.
Too many treatments make your skin confused and stressed. Don`t use any creams with mineral oil or parrafin. (read more about mineral oil and parrafin on google)
About 60 days it takes before you will see results. Eat green raw food, dark corny bread, drink plenty of water and green tea. Forget sugar and ordinary salt. (if you need some salt on your food, use himalayasalt) Good luck!!
Eat spirulina,chlorella and plenty of raw green food, get fresh air in your lungs, and be careful to eat cheese and sugar.
If you are hungry for chocolate, eat black raw 80% chocolate. Drink plenty of water every day :-)
You can see results after 2 weeks, and the real results will not come earlier than after 3-4 months. No wondercreams even what they promise, can do the same great things to your skin.....And the best of all, you will feel SO MUCH more awake, more energy, shiny hair, strong nails, more shapen all over !!! I promise you !! soon springtime and summertime... come on!!
I guess you've got the same problem as I had- oily skin. None of the creams - day or night will help. In fact they make your skin even worse. I'll explain you how- when you wake up you put a day cream on your skin, go out, and caring the cream on your face the whole day. If your skin is oily with a day cream it becomes even worse greasy. All the pollution outside is going to appear on your face. Before you go to bed you kinda wash your face and then put the night cream. Then you go to bed and all dust or fur from the pillow appear on your face again!! And if it happening on the daily bases routine you end up with huge blocked pores together with acnes on your face.
Don't listen to cosmetologist who are suggesting you an expensive products and saying that you MUST attend 3 times a week in their place. Since I understood my skin I forgotten about them completely and my skin became very smooth and clean. Only thing you have to do is use a cleanser gel every morning and evening. There are some gel which removes your make up as well. I found the best in Italy - Clinians. It removes my make-up, full of vitamins C+E (what you need for you face). Then I use just Tonique (actually you should have plenty of it). And... that's it!!!! no famous creams with my oily skin what so ever!! My pores are super clean now, and my skin is very smooth.
I just came back from Italy and brought plenty of the cleaning gel for myself. But if you interested I can sell you one. One bottle is enough for a few months. And you'll see the results already in 2 weeks time!!!!
Here is my email if you interested:
Good Luck!!
Generally if you are using good products that have natural ingredients and are not clogging up your pores and you have a good basic skincare routine, i.e. cleanse, tone moisturise- everyday, ex foliate and mask- twice a week. and have regular facials to deep cleanse and treat the your skin your skin should be fresh clean and balanced, however what you eat can affect your skin so look at your diet also. In order to say what may be causing this i would need to know all about your skin, lifestyle and routine daily.I would recommend you go to a therapist, have a facial and ask for a consultation and talk to them about your problems/concerns with your skin. Learn from them what you can do to make a difference and drink lots of water and make sure you are looking after yourself from the inside to.
If you visit my website and join as a VIP i will send you regular tips on looking after your skin and good skincare products, or if you have questions or would like any further advice i would be happy to help.
I offer a one hour facial which includes 2 cleanses, exfoliate, long face massage including neck and shoulders, extraction, deep cleansing mask, moisture mask, tone and moisturise.
To book please call me 07534 898 872
I would suggest a Deep Cleansing Facial, followed with your purchasing home care products that will compliment the facial by consistently exfoliating your skin.
We do the bio-therapeutics oxygen facial. This facial will deliver results for your concern. Thank you Bev
Hi there!
All of the above are true...but being a sufferer of acne myself I recommend and offer high frequency treatment. A low level of electrical current is passed into the skin via a glass probe, to kill any bacteria underlying the skin. Sounds intimidating, feels great! This was the skin is cleaned fully, and more deeply than by any other mechanical means. In fact, any current spots can be "zapped", and the effect is immediate reduction! There is really nothing like it - I've been told it's like having your skin cleaned from the "inside out"..."
Hope this helps x
Adrienne Shostak: Bespoke Aesthetics
We have just what you need:
Repechage Hydra Refine Pore Perfecting Facial
For normal to oily skin £45 (55 min)
Controls oil, rids skin of impurities & helps eliminate further breakouts. Seaweed, lemongrass & cucumber leave the skin feeling refreshed, renewed & ultra clean.
This facial can have extraction (manual blackhead removal) applied if needed.
- Mobile treatment provider covering London, Essex & Kent.
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Hi there, thanks for the question, this is one we get asked at lot at our clinic. In order to maintain healthy skin above and beneath the surface, you need to establish a great routine with clever skincare products and intelligent hard working facials. At the moment you can make the most of a facial by adding in microdermabrasion and peels to brighten, clear and freshen the skin and improve its resistance to the elements, as well as make it more receptive to skincare products. Book into a clinic that offers a Skin Analysis to tailor your facial to your skin - as with skincare unfortunately one size does not fit all! See our website for more information, or look at our 21st Century Facials at work on You Tube .
I agree with the other therapists - your own skin routine is very important and you may be using the wrong products if your skin is getting worse. On the other hand it may be due to a hormone imbalance so I would suggest having a facial with a therapist who provides a detailed skin consultation. They should provide you with advice on the products to use. A good therapist will suggest products that are readily available so don't be persuaded to buy salon brands that you can't afford - there are some great products out there that work just as effectively..!! Just ask your thereapist t make a note of the key things to look for when buying.
ENVIRON FACIALS ARE GREAT, they will treat your skin issues.
The biggest mistake people make when their skin is getting oily & blemished is to over treat to over stimulate, this will create more sebum and oil, your therapist can advise the most suitable facial for you, a clay mask is good for regulating excessive oil, just don't over cleanse twice a day is sufficient, it will have an adverse affect in the long run, every 3 weeks I recommend my clients have a facial.
All good facials should give you a deep cleanse. So I wouldnt say it is a specific facial that needs to be recommended - it is more about your skin care routine and the products that you use.
What is your routine and what products do you use? Also, when you say your skin has got worse, how do you mean? Spots? Dry skin? Oily skin etc
What's your current routine? There is a good chance that the products you are currently using aren't suited to your skin type. Are the break-outs constant? It's a bit tricky to suggest anything without doing a proper consultation. Feel free to email me if you would like to know more.
You should go for facials every 6weeks to clean the pores manually and get great cosmetics such as dr.Brandt!
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