Is a foot massage included in a pedicure?

Asked by Kristina

4 answers

usually yes, but it depends.. for example we offer and express gel pedicure in our salon that does not include a foot massage
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Rebecca Urban Oasis
A short foot massage using a herbal foot balm is included in our pedicure and should be in most spa/salons
In a basic pedicure, no. However, if you are having a Spa Pedicure I would include this as part of the luxury treatment range.
However, if you are a person who loves having their feet handled and pampered, reflexology is really good, beneficial to your overall health and well-being and a good practitioner will incorporate foot massage and general manipulation as part of the relaxation aspect of the therapy.
This varies from salon to salon, however if it's a foot massage you want, then I would recommend having either reflexology or a hot stone foot massage. They are both absolute heaven!!