How safe is the microdermabrasion treatment for a sensitive skin and how many times you need it?

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If my client has sensitive skin, I usually treat a small area of the skin first to see how it reacts. The machine I use has a diamond tip and I am able to control the pressure - this means I can treat the skin and gauge the skins reaction.
I would also recommend a very soothing moisturiser to hydrate, as the skin can feel dry after the treatment. The number of treatments depends on the individual and condition of your skin- but normally 2 weeks between each treatment is advisable.


I agree with BeautyCoach, first a person should take some reaction on small area of skin and yes good moisturizer is must after the treatment.
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Microdermabrasion is generally safe but as with any procedure it is essential that you are assessed and treated by a well qualified practitioner who you can trust. It is important that you discuss exactly why you are considering this treatment (there may be alternatives) and that you go over your skin history with them. You should not have microdermabrasion if you have any active eczema, acne or psoriasis. Depending on the type you may get from time to time minor changes in skin colour (especially with darker skin).
As this is a fairly gentle procedure you may need several treatments depending on what you are treating and how easily it improves. However this varies from person to person. In general it is best to review things after 3 to 4 treatments (which are spaced a couple of weeks apart at least) but you may need up to 10. Usually you will need regular maintenance treatments every few months.
You should take extra precautions after treatments to moisturise your skin and protect it from the sun - try a moisturiser with SPF 15.
its always best to carry out a patch test to see how the client skin will react to treatment first.
but yes microdermabraision is safe if treatment is carried out correctly and a full consultation is completed before any treatment are carried out.
I hope this has helped you, pleas do not hesitate if you need further assistance
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Microdermabrasion uses tiny particles of organic & inorganic materials to 'blast' the top layers of skin off, revealing the newer, smoother skin on the surface.
For sensitive skin, Id advise you get the treatment using an organic substance such as crushed walnut shells which are softer & kinder to the skin.
Id advise having a treatment every 14 - 21 days, or as the delivering therapist recommends.
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I would not recommend microdermabraion to anyone with sensitive skin. This procedure is too agressive for sensitive skin types, in my opinion. I would work towards trying to find the cause of the sensitivity and would use another protocol. A gentler, less aggresive protocol. Microdermabrasion of sensitive skin could lead to broken capillaries, irritation and over stimulation of the sebaceous glands. Less is always best with sensitive skin.