Looking for a Hong Kong style pedicure - shanghai trim - removal of hard skin with scalpels

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Hi, unfortunately both pedicure and manicure practice in London are very poor.
I often hear from people who are in fashion and beauty industry that the best manicure and pedicure treatments and specialist they had and met were in Russia - and I absolutely agree! So try finding a Russian specialist, they are very well trained (sure not all of them!). They remove hard skin with special instruments very gently.
Neither of good specialists would cut off hard skin or corns from your toes.
Another option is having pedicure done with a professional pedicure file/machine (incl.nail drill etc) - but don't try making it yourself, firstly, because if you buy one it won't be a professional since professional are really expensive, and secondly - you can damage your skin more than with scalpel! Such machines have many different attachments depending on a problem. They are high speed and the spinning speed is regulated by the therapist.
Hope you solve your problems!
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I would recommend a product called PediKur. You can purchase it online or via QVC. It is a liquid which you put on cotton disks, you wrap you feet in cling film and then sit for 20 minutes. You then use the included plastic scraper and your dead skin has dissolved. I was in shock the first time I used it, because it really does work 100 times better than CND sea serum which did nothing for me personally at all. You can see amazing before and after pics on their website. I am in no way affiliated with them, I just use it myself, as going to a podiatrist is pricey and I wouldn't want a beauty therapist (and I wouldn't do it myself) touching my feet with scalpels as nobody is insured apart from a qualified foot doctor!
Hi Louby
My full luxury pedicures involve: Cuticle work, buffing, and after you feet has been soaked in the foot spa in warm soaped water for a while I will gently remove the hard skin using tougher rasp depending on how bad the hard skin on your feet is. What else will help is the booties which i use, which are heated boots which heats up you skin tissues, having a cleansing effect and absorbing the oil inside which will also help moisten the hard skin. Two treatments of these and you will see the difference and it lasts, providing you keep up the home care routine I will put you on. I don't use any knives or scalpels. My treatments are much more gentle and safe, whilst effective.
Check out my website: http://www.beautybymohima.co.uk
Have a look on there and it will give you more information on what we do, along with a contact number you can use if you have any enquiries. We travel out to all our clients all over London, which maybe of convenience to you.
I would agree with the above advice. In the UK any removal of hard skin with a scalpel should be done via a qualified Chiropodist. Here are a list of venues that offer this service http://www.wahanda.com/places/treatment-chiropody/
Most beauty salons in the U.K aren't insured for beauty treatments that involve removal of skin using scalpels or knives, only a fully quailified Chiropodist can perform these treatments, a beauty therapist can only prettify the feet by buffing & exfoliating. Be very careful if your therapist does use knives as the are probably not insured to do so.
I would suggest you google a podiatrist in your area, who are insured & trained to do this to a high standard. Then perhaps just pay a Beauty Therapist to simply paint your nails after or on another day. I'm in West Sussex if that's of any use to you.
hi, i have the fish pedicure in my shop and offer this, i am based in liverpool if your near by xx