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Question: what qualifications does a massage therapist need to practice in Jordan?

Asked by abc123

6 answers

Is massage regulated in Amman, Jordan and if so by who?

Therapeutic Massage, Trigger point therapy, Stress Management, Aromatherapy, Physiotherapy

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I agree that it is important to find out and suggest that if you have no joy within this arena you speak to either the british embasy/ consulate in london. That would actually be my first point of contact.


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I also agree that it is very important to source this information. The Diploma I have is recognised in Europe but not worldwide and I would imagine that regulation is determined by each Country. You could maybe try the Federation of Holistic Therapists. Good Luck Moyra


I agree with the responses you have recieved already. I would add a suggestion of making a check list that covers education, employment, registration, insurance, culture, taxation, residential and employment permits, visa, innoculations, clinical practice ect.

Good luck with your enquiries


Thanks so much for all your responses. Yes I will contact the jordanian embassy soon. If I get a quick response I will post it for all to see. :-)


I relish a challenge so had a go on doing a bit of detective work. I found this article on an Ex pat website from a massage therapist based in Amman educated in the USA. Perhaps if you e-mailed them they may be able to fill you in with more info.

Hope this helps.

Best regards


IM a certified massage therapist in Amman , my education from USA I do sweedish shiasta deep tissue massage that can help relive pain from body and romove toxins to reduce stress level
my massage help the blood circilation , heart beep , reduce high blood pressure , help with back and neck pain , remove toxins and replace it with a good energy

if you have severe headacke and frequent mood swing you need an expert to help remove toxins and i can do it. you can e mail me at thanks

Sources: Jordan ex pat website listed e-mail:


In many European countries anyone with short course work can call themselves massage therapist. It is not protected. I would be careful who you deal with. There is a woman from Europe in Wadi Musa who calls herself massage therapist and she "sells" bedouin massage (calling it Kasaath Hawa, where in fact it is the dry cupping version of Al Hijama) to beauticians in Europe. She trains and certifies them, whereas she herself is not qualified. And she asks JD 3100 for a 15 day course, training 9 massages. A total rip off.

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