Is it possible to go in the sun after a chemical peel? If so what is the best form of protection?

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Hi Sazzle - its best to protect any skin type from the sun as much as possible. Peels can affect the skin's sensitivity to the sun's harmful rays, because they dissolve and clear dead skin cells to reveal newer ones. I recommend SunScript, our fantastic moisturising sun screen to protect and soften.
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If you have just had a peel you want to stay out of the sun to avoid hyperpigmentation , this should be adhered to to avoid any other problems after about 4-6 weeks when you go out in the sun always ensure you have high spf and if you can shade your face with a hat etc
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I am a former trainer in medical grade chemical peels. The stronger the treatment you have, the deeper into the dermis the treatment will penetrate, and the more vulnerable your new skin will be, in a nutshell. To expose freshly treated skin to sunlight could risk all sorts of problems, most noticeably, pigmentation issues.
Ultimately, optimum advice would be to be very careful in the sun for the next 6 months. We should all be wearing sunscreen every day regardless of the weather. In your case I would wear factor 50 even at this time of year (I can recommend a great make up with this factor built in), for atleast 6 weeks following your peel. If you are planning on going away then SPF 90 and avoidance of direct sunlight would be advisable. Stay in the shade and try to avoid being outside around mid day, be sure to reapply sunscreen generously every 3 hours and wear a wide brimmed hat.
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When it is recommended that one refrain from sun exposure after a chemical peel, what is actually meant is that one should refrain from long term, direct sunexposure ie sunbathing, tanning, etc. To ask that someone avoid the sun totally is unrealistic. You are exposed to sun rays while you are driving in your car, rays come thru your windows at home and at work, and rays are present even on cloudy days. My motto is: Sun protection each and every day!
After each procedure that I do, including chemical peels, I use a 100 SPF sunscreen (in summer.)
In winter, I use 30 SPF. However, I warn my clients who will be going on ski trips, etc., to use a much higher SPF while away.