Can I have my roots done and then have a Brazilian blow dry done a day or so after?

I have naturally curly hair and I am going on holiday in just under two weeks. I understand that I cannot have my hair coloured after the brazilian, so is it possible to have my roots coloured and then the Brazilian done within days of each other?
I want to prevent my hair going frizzy in the heat or when I come out of the pool.
Asked by EmmaB79

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hi, yes you can have your colour and brazilian blowdry all in the same visit to the salon, definately best to colour first but can be done all in one day t save time for you and getting ready for your hols x you have to be carefull with chlorine in the pool on holiday though as this cause the hair to go back to its natural state much quicker than normal, although humidity wont effect it at all.


Absolutely do both same day, colour first then the blow works better on coloured, dry, hightlighted, unruly hair. But , Check to find out what system they use as there are so many. The Inoar wash same day one is brilliant. Good Luck x
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You can colour and then BBD on the same day, infact both services will take better if you do.
Hi EmmaB70.
With the keratin product I use (Beox), you can have your hair coloured a week before the BBD. Shop around though, some salons may be using different products that allow a shorter time between colour and BBD.
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