How can I get rid of spots that are under the skin?

They are under the skin and never surface however my skin is really bumpy esp around my chin?
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Hello Rachel,
The first thing to do is to work out what is causing these spots, in order to work out how to best get rid of them. How long have you had this problem? It sounds like the problem may be hormonal so if you have recently been experiencing hormonal change, for example starting or stopping the contraceptive pill or extreme stress, this could result in these kind of spots, particularly if the worst area is on your chin.
Alternatively it could be due to a change in diet or have you changed any of your skincare products?
The best thing I would recommend would be to use a gentle, creamy cleansing product morning and evening and spend a little extra time massaging into the affected area. Use small, gentle movements to avoid over-stimulating your skin and work outwards from the centre of your face to the hairline. You may not need any moisturiser at all or at least use very little on the affected area and make sure you don't use any products with pore-blocking ingredients. Also, use a gentle exfoliating product a couple of times a week to remove dead skin cells that block the pores and a deep cleansing mask around once a week on the bumps.
Ensure you always use clean hands, make-up brushes etc. to avoid spreading the bacteria. Facial Manual Lymphatic Drainage is fantastic for clearing up problem skin. I could go on for ages about different things you could do but hopefully this helps a little!
Best Wishes,
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I have small spots under my skin at the top of my thigh.. I have had operation on getting my ovaries out and flopion tube's out the spots are on my hands as well..
I really like dermalmd anti-aging serum. It has helped break down some spots on my face and I really like the serum texture and smell! It seems to be working well on the fine wrinkles also!
I strongly recommend using face wash
you might already, but you need a dermatologist one. This helps me, also drinking more water is a big part of the key to getting rid of your blind pimples. If none of this works, consider your diet. This can highly contribute to spotty skin!
I keep getting very large under the skin spots when I'm due on my period on my chin
Dermacure worked wonders for my skin imperfections.
i thought your readers would want to know.
many things cause spots under the skin
may be hormonal and you may notice they get worse at certain times of the month i.e premenstrual.
other causes may be adult acne which can be treated with various different treatments.
alternatively it may be clogged pores
either way you need to see someone face to face
Normally spots under the skin are related to either hormonal issues but primarily to dietary intake. Avoid sweets, dairy and fast foods and eat plenty of vegetables cooked as ell as uncooked. The oils you eat must be unrefined oils, refrain from eating crisps. A blood purifyer often helps but it can worsen in the beginning but then clear up. See a herbal medical practitioner and/or look up burdock root, zinc and vitamin b complex.
Hi Rachael! Spots can be a real pain and affect your confidence, but there are many things you can do to improve them. Try some targeted skincare to maintain results every day and prepare skin for treatment, Salycylic Acid is especially good for clearing spots and breakouts. Try Microdermabrasion to deeply exfoliate and clean bacteria from the skin. This would also improve and reduce the bumpy texture you describe. A light peel would also assist with this. Also you may find an Intense Pulsed Light treatment will be effective - for active acne breakouts you would need Blue Light technology to break bacteria cycle and clear the skin.


Hi Tracey, I have thought about those kind of treatments however I wasnt sure if I would have to avoid the sun ???
Clarify 'spots' UNDER the skin??? If you are refering to raised areas on the skin, then you might be refering to clogged pores, papules, macules, etc. (Raised, bumpy areas under the skin.) If this is what you are refering to, then you may want to begin with a deep-cleansing facial, followed with a salycilic chemical peel. Extractions are needed only if any of the lesions have a white head. If not, you may want to continue with a high frequency treatment. Afterwhich, you would need to compliment these procedure with a home care regime that contains glycolic, salycilic, or both. Do not over stimulate the skin when cleansing.
Typically, when one refers to 'spots' on the skin, they are refering to hyperpigmentation on the surface of the skin, not necessarily underneath. For this problem, you will want to begin using products containing ingredients such as glycolics, hydroquinone, retinols, etc.
To add to Rachels answer, I would also try steaming your face with hot towels or by using just boiled water in a big bowl and putting your face over to steam your face for about 5 mins.
For best results, do this after cleansing (preferably a double cleanse) and then exfoliate afterwards then moisturiser to finish. This will help open the pores and prepare your skin for a good exfoliation to remove those dead skin cells.
Spots that are under the surface of the skin are know to us Therapists as congestion and they need to be brought up to the surface and out of the skin. Following this cleansing routine should help.
Also take a look at your diet- make sure it is well balanced and you are drinking plenty of water.
Hope this helps
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