how old do you have to be to have eyebrows waxed

what is the legal age for waxing treatments
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personaly I would say 16 from in surance purposes also as my insurance doesnt cover under that age, in special circumsises, if they were under age, I would want a parent there, and would ask both the parent and also the under aged client to sign the consultation form, hth x
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As everyone has said 16 for insurance purposes. I would consider younger with parents consent and would judge this on the individuals needs.
Yes, I can advice you. I would never ever do a treatment on any person under legal age. Unless written consent was performed and a parent accompanies the under aged and consents to the treatment. Hope this helps.
If you are under 16 I believe a parents consent is required, these days a 14yrs old is quite grown up I dont think I woud do much younger than that, unless it is a case of seriously messy brows which are casing confidence for the child.
Although this is a decision for a parent or guardian to make, I personally would say that it depends upon the actual need. In the past, I would have said 16, but I have three young girls that come to me, with their mothers and sometimes, father, to get their brows waxed. They range in age of 9 and 12. When they first came, their mothers said that it was because they were in a dance group. One of the girls was teased by other girls and boys at school for having 'bushy' eyebrows.
When I wax the eyebrows of young girls, I only wax underneath the brow, unless otherwise specified by the parent. Or, only in-between the eyebrows. I never shape an arch or remove brow hair from the top of the brows, as this looks too mature.
I agree with ruthlm
16 or a signed consent form and ideally a parent with them
Generaly 16 but can be younger as long as the parent a companies the child and is prepared to sign a consent form and disclaimer.