What is the best way to relax curly hair?

I have very curly hair. I'd like to make it less curly, but not completely straight. What can you suggest?
Asked by yyazdani

3 answers

Any of the Brazilian Keratin treatments would benefit you. Especially Marcia Teixeira Chocolate Extreme Defrizzing or Global Keratin Virgin Resistant formula. They will last about 2-4 months depending on your hair condition. They will make your hair very shiny and manageable.
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Hello. I would recommend trying a Brazilian Blow Dry (Keratin Hair Treatment) but I will also add that as everyones hair is different there is no guarantee that it will relax the curls.
The chemicals in the products used for the BBD's are not strong enough to break the bonds of the hair this is why there is no guarantee of relaxing.
However, having said that, some of my clients have noticed a more relaxed curl. It will definitely make your hair shinier, healthier and more manageable.
Hi there, I can definitely recommend Brazilian Keratin Treatment for few reasons:
- It doesn't damage your hair
- It is semi permanent - no roots!!!!
- It will relax your curl naturally; make it easier to style either way (straight/wavy)
Permanent Waves and Japanese Straightening are using more chemicals, the hair is more damaged and the re-growth is obvious.