Anyone know anywhere that includes melia removal with their facials?

I have 2 but the salons i have found that remove want to charge like £35 just to remove 2 with no facial... seems a bit expensive seeing as the removal only takes a few minutes?
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Hi there
Milia can be treated as a standalone procedure however we generally incorporate milia removal within a steam facial which also helps improve upon the skin of the face as a whole. The facial could also include removal of commedones, which most people suffer around the nose and ears.
We are based within the city centre of Birmingham UK so please feel free to get in touch if we are local to you
Good Luck :)
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Proper milia removal is a treatment on its own and performed by an experienced therapist who has qualified in Advanced Electroylsis which is why most Salons offer it as a treatment on its own.
I think that most facialists would remove a few milia as part of a facial treatment. I would always offer to remove milia or perform extractions as part of my services to clients. My clinic is based in Whitefield, Manchester
Diane Nivern
Diane Nivern Clinic Ltd
Sorry, I should mention that I am in London - UK
If you are in the Cincinnati, Ohio area, I offer extractions, of any kind, with my facials. This includes pustules, blackheads, whiteheads and milia. However, if there are too many to extract within the hour scheduled, per facial, you would need to return for another visit.
Hi we do facials which remove milia and blackheads, we will asess and let you know but should be no more than 50 but that would include a full facial aswell, because we are a Dr led service we can also do advanced electrolysis which is good for those that are astubborn
best wishes
Dr Siddiqi
Hi there, I would remove them for you at no extra charge, best wishes.
I would offer to remove them as part of the basic facial if requested-no extra charge! kind regards jacqui.
I do.
Hi we don't offer milia removal with any facials sorry.
Kind regards
Skin Doctor


Sorry didnt mean to be blunt then, I hadnt quite finished, I do. when requested.
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