does it work on afro hair?

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Many people with afro hair are in a constant battle with their hair to try and relax and straighten it. They may well have tried numerous relaxing treatments or hot irons in a bid to achieve their desired look, but these things can cause damage to the hair, leaving it weaker and more brittle than before. Brazilian straightening treatments don't use the same chemicals that are used in typical Afro Carribean hair relaxers, such as sodium hydroxide or calcium hydroxide, or chemicals used in curling perms like ammonium thioglycolate. The hair is straightened with the active ingredient keratin which works naturally to smooth the hair.
So the answer would be Yes :o)


I'm interested in this treatment and have curly hair but never blow dry it and don't want to start blow drying. Would the treatment work and leave me with silky smooth straight hair just by air drying??
Hi ladywal. The BBD is a deep nourishing and conditioning treatment. It does have the added benefit of making some people lose some curl from their hair but it will not enable you to leave your hair to dry naturally and be totally straight. What it will do is allow you to blow dry your hair into a sleek, shiny and straight style in less time than it would normally take you using just a hairdryer and paddle brush (no straighteners needed).
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The Brazilian Keratin Treatments work on Afro Hair, but not in the same way that a traditional Calcium or Sodium Hydroxide (Lye) based relaxer does. The Brazilians do not break the hair down like a relaxer, so the result is not as straight. The hair will be much easier to style and straighten, plus the condition of the hair is respected. The Brazilians Keratin Treatment can safely be used on top of hair that has had a relaxer, and can be performed on the hair the same day as a relaxer. This will help condition the hair, help add shine and strength.
Unfortunately, Brazilian blowdrys do not work on afro carribean hair, i would not want you to be mislead by articles that have been written recently, also may i add that it does not straighten the hair.
It only helps the condition of the hair by putting the keratin back in and giving it manageability and shine.
I hope this helps
Hi Rodedun. I have some very good friends that have allowed me to 'experiment' for want of a better word on their afro hair with the keratin treatment. Unfortunately it did not work for them.
Afro hair has very strong bonds and the ingredients in the Keratin treatments that most people use for the BBD's is NOT strong enough to break them. The reason that afro hair relaxers have chemicals in them as they are necessary to achieve the desired result of straight hair.
I would suggest that you find a reputable salon that deals with afro hair and take advice from them.
(Please note that the reply below from CelebrityHair has been taken from a website called and the author is Suzanne Greenfield. I have pointed this out as I wouldn't want you to be mislead and have an expensive treatment that may not work for you).
rodedun more thing - if i try it, and decide i don't want to do it again, will the treated hair go COMPLETELY back to normal - ie will there be a difference between treated hair and new growth after 3-4 months?
Yes it does, if your hair is relaxed it's even better, but it works on natural hair as well.
I have done it to my client, usin BEOX Acai treatment and it looked lovey. Shiny, de-frizz, she was very pleased with the result.