What do other lash technicians feel about 'express' eyelash extension treatments?

Can express eyelash extensions that are placed on top of the lash line ever be a treatment to recommend to clients? Just interested in other technicians thoughts.
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I am not sure of exactly what you mean when you mention 'on top of the lash line'? If you mean that you are applying lashes onto the lid/skin area, then I should warn you that it will only be a matter of time before someone has an allergic reaction. Specifically, from the latex rubber, which is found in most glues. Not only should lashes not be placed on the skin, they should also be placed 1mm from the actual lash base. This same advice is recommended for clusters.
A single lash will not support a cluster, at least not for long. The weight of a single cluster can damage the natural lash. And, if clusters are placed close together, they will eventually end up touching each other and can/will adhere to any lashes in close contact, causing lash loss, over time. Especially with repeat clients of this service.
I agree that this service should be offered only for temporary lash enhancement.


When I say 'express' I mean that extensions are placed on top of the lashes, ie the extensions are bonded to several natural lashes. I'm reluctant to promote this treatment as there is a high risk of the client prematurely pulling out the natural lashes as they grow out. In my mind there is nothing that compares to the individual lash placement as it keeps the client's natural lashes heathy and full .. always.
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What's the difference between express and semi permanent? Are these not the same lashes
Hi I believed this express lashes are soooooooo bad for the
Clients natural lashes!
I couldn't believe when I first saw the bad work on my
I can't do that treatment as a therapist .... Personally....
They may get the similar result to individual semi-perm extension but
From the therapist vision, that's just sooooooooooooo horrible.
And so many salons and technician don't know the right knowledge of
The treatments, glue , designing , and theory. So some are thinks long lasting lashes ate the best, but that's not always true.
Some technician just using plenty glue to stick the lash on, no glue control whatsoever!!!!
It's just so dangerous,,,,
Even my country in japan, only person who has the hair dresser lisence can legally
perform the eyelash treatment.
For our own safety, all of us(technician) should have a certain level of knowledge and the skill in this country....
Actually sorry thinking about it, the system I refer to isnt exactly express...it takes hrs to do, so now I think you mean the glue on lash extentions. I do get call for them but i only sock regular lashes no mad fancy ones. I guess I would if there was call for it.
Interesting you bring this up Francesca, as it is something I am bringing into my studio, as long as clients realise there is commitment to have maintenance and are willing, I now think they are like nail extensions, at first I wasn't sure because I they would shed with your natural lash, but i think if girls want really long lashes they will maintain the look, great for business. I believe they have to return fortnightly.
I would call Express Lashes the ones which are in a clump and last a day to a week and are ok for a one off special occasion, so if someone only wants short term lashes these are ideal or if they want to try lashes extensions before these are good for that too.


I agree, this treatment is fine for a one off but I'm not so sure it's great for a long term treatment choice.
Hi there
I own the franchise for Blink&Go express lashes so I can answer this question. The express lash is just a different way of applying the lashes, but using the same products in half the time.

It also has added benefits of allowing the lashes to be built up and can be better then extensions for clients that have weak lashes and can not get the effect they want. I do a lot of express lashes on my clients and can create some great styles so in answer to your question most def it should be recommended to your clients.
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