Should everyone visit a podiatrist? How do you know when you need a podiatrist or simply a pedicure?

For dry skin and the odd sore patch on your feet should you be seeing a podiatrist or are regular pedicures enough... what does a podiatrist do that a pedicurist can't?
Asked by Judy-J

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Hi a beauty therapist can cut,file,paint toe nails remove skin from around the nail,scrub and remove hard skin from soles of feet. See your podiatrist for ingrowing toe nails corns etc they should inform you if you need further treatment,but if you have no problems and no pain a pedicure every 4-6 weeks should keep them looking beautiful
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Doesn't sound serious, a regular pedicure should beautify your feet and reduce the hard skin on your feet, if you walk around alot in bare feet your skin is helping you by becoming thicker.
A Podiatrist takes care of greater issues with feet.