red patches on my cheeks

I have really bad red patches on my cheeks that seem to be like red veins, few ppl have said they think is rosacea? ie rosy cheek syndrome is there anything i can do to help it or stop it from being so bad
Asked by Jenny23

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There are topical serums and creams that can help treat the redness whether it is Rosacea or not. There are also Facial treatments that can help calm and soothe the skin and minimize the redness.
The best treatment for Redness or Rosacea is IPL (Intense Pulsed Light); which is a Laser procedure that helps to close the Capillary walls that cause some of the redness.
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Hello Jenny, it does sound like Rosacea flushing of the cheeks, hot spicy foods, any raising of your temperature will make your cheeks redder, ie no saunas etc, and use sun block, alcohol.
You can reduce reddening by using a green based concealer, under your foundation, if you are considering having a facial your therapist will treat your Rosacea accordingly. It affect around 1 in 10 people in the UK.
Keep cool and use concealer under your make up, I am sorry there is no yet cure as far as i know.
Mya from unwind Milton Keynes.
There are several causes of redness to the face and cheeks. A medical diagnosis is always to be recommended first as this can indeed be Rosacea. However the condition Lupus can also give a "rosy cheek" appearance - often called a "butterfly rash".
In all instances the redness can be relieved by the use of the Red Alert range by Medik8 which is designed for sensitive / sensitised skin with a tendency to redness.
I have fabulous results with clients - men and women - who have suffered for years with Rosacea. The Red Alert cleanser is pH balanced, non detergent, won't strip the skin and is soothing and begins the process of reducing the redness.
Next use the Red Alert Serum over the affected areas - the ingredients are of pharmaceutical standard with a good clinical background - the don't cover up the issue they penetrate into the skin to reduce the problem at source.
Always use a broad spectrum sunscreen - preferably one thats a physical block rather than chemical based -
Diane Nivern
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Hi there, if you have thread veins these can be removed by a treatment where the vessel is burst with a needle to disperse the blood, it is not as bad as it sounds and is a very good treatment you may need 2 or 3 if you have rosacea this can be dealt with by Intense Pulsed Light treatment, the difference with rosacea you can get lump like spots where as thread veins are also called spider veins. Hope this helps, best wishes.
I would first suggest to you that you see a Dermatologist ,to find out if your condition is indeed resulting from Rosacea. But, let's assume that it is rosacea.....Rosacea usually starts with redness on the cheeks and can slowly worsen to include one or more additional symptoms and parts of the face. There are cases of rosacea that include acne on the cheeks. And, in severe cases, rosacea can include the eyes.
Because changes are gradual, it may be hard to recognize in it's early stages. Many people tend to mistake it for sunburn, a complexion change, or acne. It can also appear as dilated blood vessels or swelling on the cheeks, chin and forehead.
Rosacea can't be cured, but it can be controlled. There are many things that can trigger rosacea. Foods, beverages, emotional influences, temperature, weather, drugs (Vasodilators and topical steroids), medical conditions and even some skin care products.
Again, I urge you to see your Dermatologist as there are prescriptions that can reduce swelling and lessen the redness. Metrogel is often prescribed. In the meantime, avoid harsh soaps and alcohol based cleansers and astringents, which will only irritate rosacea. Steer clear of alcoholic beverages, reduce your caffeine intake and avoid spicy foods (all of which are rosacea triggers).
thanks very much i will defo try that out
Sounds like Acne Roseacea, they sell a cream in Space NK or at Clinque (sorry can't remember names). Best thing though is to have the veins lasered, a lot of beauty salons offer this treatment and it's not too expensive.
Good luck.