Hi this treatment hasn't changed my hair at all. Anyone else had this problem? Was it done wrong?

I had this done on Friday and was so excited yesterday to leave it drying naturally as I'd been told it would be silky smooth and natural (I am fed up of using straighteners to deal with frizz) but there's been no difference. I called the salon and they said that I still have to style it to get the frizz gone, that I have to use a blow dryer or it won't work. What are other people's experiences of it? I have another consultation this evening and I'm wondering if I should demand that they do it again....
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Hi, I had the treatment done back in May and definitely saw a difference. My hair was very silky and smooth straight after the treatment, but yes definitely if you wash it you still have to blow dry it and style your hair! The difference I saw was that it just became easier and faster to do, but I still do use my straighteners if I've washed my hair but just less so and very rarely in between. Was told the treatment would last 3-4 months depending on condition of my hair and how I looked after it e.g. to use the correct shampoo etc. It's been 3.5 months and I can definitely notice the difference now - it needs doing again. Although it's an expensive treatment and by no means is going to miraculously give anyone completely straight hair I personally would book again as it has definitely made it easier to style my hair which isn't frizzy but is very very thick.
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Hi there, I am a Brazilian Blow Dry Therapist and I can only reiterate what lomi-lomi has told you. The purpose of a BBD is to make your hair more manageable, shiny, healthy and in some cases straighten it. All of my clients still have to blow dry their hair, as do I, but the beauty is that after a BBD it takes considerably less time. Another big benefit of a BBD is that I, like a lot of my clients, have been able to do away with the straightners. Email me at louise@keratin-hair-treatment.co.uk if you have any further questions.
Hi there, from my personal experience I can tell you that not all products work the same. Do you know the make? I was "adviced" by my supplier that their Braz.Blowdry is THE ONE and it was only a deep treatment.... I am using BEOX at the moment and they have 3 different strengths: chocolate, marrakesh and acai guarana. Maye zou need the last one, which is for de-frizz, reducing volume, shine....
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