hie! does anyone know how to get rid of black heads?i bin using microdermabrasion for about 3 times

hie!how do i get rid of black heds?i bin using microdermabrasion about 3 times and i did not see much difference then how it was before i'm afraid is not effective..i need help,thanks

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Florentina, I am known for my success in treating difficult skin types. Come and have one of my treatments to solve your problem. If you are not happy with the result I will not charge you!
Looking forward to hearing from you.
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Florentina, come and see me and have one of my treatments which is SO effective at treating blackheads. If you do not see an instant result I will no charge you. Contact me via email.
Fiona Keane
Have you thought about looking at your diet?
Your skin is part of the excretory systems, your liver detoxifies and eliminates toxins but the skin also plays apart in this. A diet high in processed foods, saturated fats and simple sugars can cause your body to have an imbalance of hormones which could in turn lead excess production of sebum. Blackheads are caused by partially blocked pores. The "black" appearance of them is not caused by dirt, but by the oxidising effect of air on the sebum (oil) in a blocked pore and the melanin pigment from the dead skin cells.
You could help reduce the occurrence of blackheads by eating the right kinds of foods - this could in turn help balance the sebum production and help increase good moisture in the skin and could also help the production of new skin cells.
What to do,
Eat a natural clean diet, thing of things that don’t come in boxes or containers, fresh fruits, vegetable, fish and poultry to mention a few.
Avoid PROCESSED carbohydrates and SATURATED fats, replacing them with delicious fresh juicy ripe fruits, crunchy colourful vegetables and healthy fats think salmon, creamy avocadoes, delicious olives, and olive oil
An example of what you could eat
Natural probiotic yogurt with fresh blueberries, strawberries and sprinkled with ground almonds
Crunchy carrot and celery stick with hummus
Chicken and vegetable soup with wholegrain roll
Oatcakes with a little honey or an apple and a few nuts
Salmon fillet with new potatoes, green beans and broccoli
I will prefer to preper the skin beafore using non agresive peeling then micrdermabrasion with deep pores cleansing squeezing the blackheads.
I will sugest the ipl treatment alternating after.
Home care regim is very important
If you use Bha or aha cleansing then tone with toner for dry skin to normalize the ph skin.
Exfoliate 2 week with non scrubing exfoliation just the one wich is digesting the dead skin .
daily moisturizig ,then night time use a cream like Renew wich have the property to dizolve the dead skin over the night.
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It should certainly be helping but you need to be using the correct skincare and cleansing thouroughly, especially in the evening. Blackheads are caused by many different things like foundations and pollution as well as secretions. You need to cure the cause too! So using the correct products is essentiel. Too much to write here so please feel free to call.
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Microdermabrasion is very effective at reducing blackheads. There are several types of microdermabrasion machine and some can be too superficial to make a real difference.
Therapist technique is important too. Thorough pre cleansing to degrease the skin and soften it helps relax the skin to allow the blockages to be removed by the suction part of the treatment. The used crystals and debris should then be removed by a second, gentle cleansing. Manual extraction (squeezing) may be the only option for the larger blackheads.
Homecare skin care regime should include daily gentle exfoliants such as AHA / BHA based cleansers or serums - though don't use AHA's 2 days before and after a microdermabrasion.
I always recommend the use of a fresh, clean facecloth wrung out in warm water to remove your cleanser. This ensures all product is removed and offers a gentle exfoliation on a daily basis to prevent more blackheads from forming.
Do use an oil free broad spectrum UVA/ UVB sunscreen daily whilst having microderms and if using AHA's to prevent pigmentation changes to your skin.
Hope that helps
Diane Nivern Clinic