Hi will the client need to blowdry or use straightning irons after the brazilian blowdry?

After the 48 hours of the treatment. Also can you have a haircut prior to the treatment?
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Nicola Pile
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After the brazilian straightening, if the hair is naturally curly the hair will still be slightly wavy. if you want to make it very straight then this can be achieved by using a hair drier, straightening iron shouldn't be needed.
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Hi from Mahogany, yes the client may need to still put some time in with blow drying and ironing but the treatment will make it a lot easier, smoother and shinier, depending on the hair type she may need to apply a quick blow dry to the hair and a light ironing.
Colour or cutting can be done before the treatment, however no cutting, shampooing or tying up can occur for 72 hours after the treatment.