My hair is prone to tangles, would this hair treatment help prevent them in the future?

I'd love to not have to wrestle with the brush every morning before straightening my hair. If I got this treatment done would it help keep my hair tug free?
Asked by KatieInnes

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In my opinion you have two different options that effectively can give you the results you are looking for, depending on your hair style.
The first is the Brazilian Blow Dry treatment that I use and is completely safe, being keratin protein based. This treatment tangibly leaves the hair de-tangled for about four months, again, depending on your hair. The dedicated products I use are exclusively professional.
The other perfectly viable option is to have either my Professional Hydrating treatment which is made up of the application of VitaAmazônia™'s Expresso Coffee Milk Shampoo, Hair Mask and Milk Spray. This treatment leaves your hair completely and visibly re-hydrated, not straightened and lasts about a week, again, depending on your hair. The beauty of this option is that you can have me carry out this treatment for between £15-25 per application, or you can buy the products from my website for self-application, competitively priced at £22 for a 500ml flask of the shampoo, £24 for a 500g tub of the mask and £14.05 for the 120ml flask of the Milk Spray. These products will last for about 30 separate applications, depending on your hair's length.
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Search Treatwell for Ladies' Brazilian Blow Dry near you

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