Which are the best facial treatments for oily skin?

I have oily skin, which is also prone to acne (due to hormone problems). Which treatments could give the best results in my case? Has anyone found anything helpful to remove acne scars and prevent new ones, as well as treat the sebum excess?
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I would take a holistic approach. Our skin is the largest organ in our body and reflects whatever is going on inside. To balance your hormones I recommend taking a good multivitamin such as Solgar's Female Multiple. Make sure your diet is rich in EFA's (Essential Fatty Acids) vital for good hair, nails and skin. The condition of our skin on the outside is based on the balance of oil and water inside the body. Stay hydrated and take a supplement such as Evening Primrose Oil or Neal's Yard Remedies Organic Beauty Oil. Agnus Castus is an excellent herb for balancing hormones. You can also drink Pau d'Argo tea, which is reputed to have miraculous antibiotic and curing powers. To look after your skin on the outside use natural organic products that won't strip your skin of its essential oils. I recommend Jurlique, known as "the purest skincare on earth" and the multi-award winning health and beauty company Neal\s Yard Remedies. Use Jurlique's Intense Recovery Mask for acne scars, its packed full of antioxidants. You could also try NYR's Palmarosa Purifying skincare range, which offers Palmarosa Pore Minimiser and Clarifying Mahonia skin gel to deal with excess sebum and visible pores. To book a Holistic Facial or any other treatment I offer or to buy any of these products please visit my website.I hope this helps.


I like this answer because of the holistic approach. Thank you.
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Look for skincare products containing one of the following: clay, zinc, kaolin, tee tree oil, witch hazel, alpha beta hydroxy acids and sulphur. These ingredients are the best for oily skin type. You should also have a face mask twice a week. Always wash your hands before applying any skincare products and makeup because bacteria can easily clog your pores and you may have more spots.
I can recommend Dermatologica mediBac clearing range for your everyday skincare and Skin Doctors Gamma Hydroxy Skin Resurfacing Cream once a week as a treatment for reducing your scars.
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Skin Peels are a very effective way of conrtolling sebum and also dissolving dead skin cells which can block pores and form spots. It also helps to kill any bacteria adding to the acne problem.
The Genuine Dermaroller is probably one of the best treatments in my opinion for acne scar removal. A natural needle based treatment it has very few side effects as does not remove any layers of skin but helps to encourage new skin growth to replace the old scar tissue. The roller has been well researched in the medical world and is fast becoming a very popular treatment for those with problematic acne scars.
Tip: Avoid facial toners as they strip the skin of natural oils and encourage more and more oil to be produced.
Hope this helps,
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This brings back memories! When I was in my early twenties, I also developed hormone problems which produced acne as one of the side effects.
I spent a couple of years to & fro from doctors, using antibiotic creams/pills etc.
Being thoroughly fed up with it all, I tried ALOE VERA. I wanted something natural as I felt I was overloading my body with toxins. Alongside Aloe Vera, I took a daily multi-vitamin & made sure I ate plenty of fruit & veg. Also drank lots of water at regular intervals during the day. I cut down on drinks with caffeine in them as well.
The Aloe Vera I used was directly from a plant I bought, just snap off a piece of the plant, squeeze out the sap (a clear gel-like substance) and apply to the affected area.
If the plant idea doesn't appeal to you, you can buy Aloe Vera in tubes from chemists & some supermarkets (make sure it's as pure as possible, not just on the list of ingredients).
You can apply a couple of times a day on clean, dry skin. I remember noticing a difference after a week or so. Stear clear of harsh toners.
Hope this is helpful, I have passed this on to sons & daughters of my friends, who have also been pleased with results.
Wendy :)
I hope I can help...
Home Care
You need to ensure your adopting a good home care regime.
In your case, cleansing & toning twice a day is crucial, as is moisturising with a good moisturiser at least once a day.
Cleansing & toning will help clean the skin of the daily build up of make up, dirt & bacteria & the toner will help get the skin squeaky clean whilst astringents have firming properties...
You should also try to ensure you exfoliate 2/3 times a week. This will lift the top layer of dead skin cells from the skin.
St Ives have a good range of other the counter cleansers & exfoliators. Id recommend the blemish fighting range which is for oily/acne prone skin types.
I’d also recommend distilled Witch Hazel as the over the counter toner of choice which has astringent properties.
A number of my clients have taken on this recommendation & have almost immediately started noticing the benefits of Witch Hazel as a toner.
Professional Care - Facials
Next I'd suggest a good professional facial delivered by a qualified practitioner as often as possible, & dependant on your budget (weekly, fortnightly, monthly) & the product usage specifications.
Repechage have developed a fantastic range of skin care products which "do what they say on the tin"! I'd suggest:
 Repechage Hydra Refine Pore Perfecting Facial £35 (55 min)
Controls oil, rids skin of impurities & helps eliminate further breakouts. Seaweed, lemongrass & cucumber leave the skin feeling refreshed, renewed & ultra clean.
For normal to oily skin – Can be delivered as often as weekly to monthly.
 Repechage Hydra Medic Facial £45 (60 min)
Contains new significant advances in skin care, all based on natural processes. Our exclusive combination of natural herbal & marine ingredients provides advanced skin repair. Controls oil production from overly active sebaceous glands whilst maintaining skin moisture balance. Anti-inflammatory & anti-bacterial formula heals whilst protecting against the damage of mistreated acne conditions & scarring. Proven results!
For problem/acne skin - For best results a series of 10 treatments is recommended in conjunction with a customised home care routine.
 Repechage Vita Cura 5 Phase Firming Facial – £60 (60 min)
With Enzymatic Micro-peel
Provides an instant trigger to younger looking skin. Specifically designed to invigorate, lift & firm mature skin. An enzymatic Micropeel helps uncover a vibrant complexion. Two massages & a Spirulina Seaweed Mask with clinically proven bio-mimetic pentapeptide firm & smooth. Skin is then treated with Vita Cura Opti Lift Serum for immediate & visible results. Long term benefits preserve elasticity, improve oxygenation & help prompt cell renewal. This facial provides advanced skin repair & is a true alternative to surgical rejuvenation.
Anti-Aging - Can be delivered as often as weekly to monthly.
Self Awareness/Diet
Try to eat a balanced diet & ensure your drinking plenty of water, daily. This will not only aid control of your condition, but will also help reduce your scarring especially the water intake.
Make sure you are aware of how your condition affects you biologically:
What vitamins/minerals are you low/high in?
How does your condition cause the over stimulation of sebum in your problem area/s?
What foods should you be eating to minimise/reduce these effects?
Please drop me an email: nyamedua.hb@gmail.com
I have some fantastic home made facial recipes you could also try!
I do Weleda facials which are all chemical free, preservative free and free of all nasties which is a good start! Not using something too harsh with chemicals that is stripping is no good for the skin at all! I use Aknedoron products as one of the specialist treatments I do which is great for Acne prone skin! Check out http://www.tranquilityevents.co.uk to have a read about that and other treatments I offer. Hope that helps! Also tea tree oil is good!!
An ozone facial, skin peel can deal with your scars, a bespoke facial for oily skin would be beneficial, when you do your own regime do not over stimulate your skin which in turn will create more sebum this is a very common thing to to, keep it simple do not pile on creams & lotions, you will really make the condition worse.
I wondered what age you were having Young skin can create overly greasy skin (hormones), I cant tell you enough how important it is to not over treat stimulate your skin. when i was Young I too suffered badly with acne and greasy skin I remember how horrid it was to look at myself but it regulated itself as I grew older and it was all fine.
All the best to you.


I'm 23, my hormone problems actually began only 2 years ago, as a teenager I used to have quite a decent skin...