Are there skin peels for arms and legs as well as face?

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I actually perform chemical peels on the body. Back facials/peels are especially popular. Keep in mind, that essentially, our entire bodys' are covered by skin and therefore all areas could recieve chemical exfoliation. Having said that, I will also add that some areas of the body are thicker and thinner than others. So, choosing the correct chemical or strengths is key. I would offer no specific brand except to suggest glycolic for the body, with a healthy, normal skin condition. I might apply a salicylic acid or combination to the back, for back acne. There are many brands to choose from, both spa strengths and medical grade acids.
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You can have peels for the legs or arms as well as the face but because the skin texture is different expect the effects to be different. In my experience peels on the limbs tend not to bring about as much a change as in the face. They are more difficult to perform because they cover a wider area and are generally performed less often.
The most important issue is getting good advice as to whether peels are the most appropriate route to take or not. Sometimes it may be better to consider surgery if you have significant loose skin.
I suggest you book in for a consultation at a clinic for a thorough assessment of your areas of concern. Peels can normally be used all over the body for a fresher appearance, smoother texture and improved skin tone.