how long does s.p. eye liner last please? thank you, eve peers

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There are two answers:
Semi Permanent Eyeliner can last for many years, decades even, should you maintain your 12-18 monthly retouches (usually charged at half your initial cost)
Should you decide not to maintain your eyeliner by having these retouches, it will gradually fade from the skin. The pigment will become duller and will take a few years to COMPLETELY fade. An honest estimate will be between 3 and 7 years, it can be hard to determine for many reasons: For example if your practitioner has implanted the pigment too deep, or conversely too superficially into the skin. Or if you use Retin A creams and exfoliants. Also, darker colours like black will last longer than browns/ purples/ greens.
It is important to choose a practitioner who has trained to a high standard, has a portfolio of good work, and who you are comfortable with.
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Hello there, I've been in the industry for 10 years now and years ago we had no choice but to use inks, However today by EU regulations, we only use pigments - so it's non invasive to your blood stream... You will need at least 2 treatments over 4-6 weeks, this will give you a natural look, if your after a fashion eyeliner then it may require additional treatments.
It will remain in your skin from 2-5 years, however, if you do not maintain yearly top-ups, then the eyeliner will become quite faint and non existent.. We recommend yearly topus to keep the look fresh.
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The effects can last for a couple years, depending on skin type, age, and exposure to the sun,
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