how do I prevent skin irritation after shaving?

I grew a beard because I found that my skin always got irritated after I shaved. This was especially true around my neck. Any tips on how to resolve that?
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You don't say what kind of razor you are using. I have switched from a multiblade setup to the single blade double edge safety razor and find it gives much better results.
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Make sure that after you shave, you close the pores by splashing with cold water, then avoid the use of any perfumed products in that area for 24 hours. Its also a good idea to exfoliate the area before you shave to remove any dead skin cells and help prevent and ingrown hairs This works wiell in reducing irratation if done everytime before you shave.
After shave particular area becomes more sensitive due to lake of hydration and dryness in the skin , you must apply hydrating gel or cream which will hydrate and moisture the skin, also if shaving cream has alcol base , it will dry your skin more that is why you will get redness or irritations in the skin, so while choosing product you must see the ingredient which doesn’t carry alcol.
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I would recommend the distilled Witch Hazel (which you can purchase in any local pharmacy). It is excelent for the relife of cuts and irritated skin. Simply apply the solition to the effected skin with cotton wool.
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Hello, Sorry for delay. Few tips we would suggest are, usinf a pre-shave guard. This helps minimize razor burn and bumps. If you use this with a soothing shave cream, which has aloe vera in it will help the skin recover form damage and help prevent aggravation brought on by shaving.We use and sell Dermalogica Products, and they have there own Shave range designed for men. Please view our webiste doe more information on treatments we proivde, and also dermalogica website for more information. .
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Hi, it may be either your shaving method or the products of which you are using to shave with. It's inevitable that removing layers of skin and cutting strong hairs regularly is going to cause some kind of sensitivity.
Firstly, avoid using an electric razor as this can cause a number of reasons including ageing of the skin! Wet shaving is the safest option, and always stretch the skin with your free hand, the neck is more prone as it's looser skin. You may require extra protection before shaving if you are suffering from sensitivity, it is so important to prep the skin well prior to shaving and also looking after it post shaving. The range I would reccommend would be SHAVE dermalogica; containing no soaps or perfumes. This range specialises in irritation caused by shaving.
The first step would be a daily scrub to clean the skin, remove dead skin, and lift any ingrowing hairs to allow the closest shave possible. You would then have the option of applying a pre-shave guard before applying the shaving gel ontop. This allows maximum protection to guard the skin. Post shaving you may use a post shave balm if you suffer from bumps and redness, followed by a daily defense block (moisturiser.) When actually shaving firstly shave down with the hair growth, then apply more gel before going against the hair growth to give a closer shave.
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When you shave you strip the skin of it sebum the skin reacts by producing even more, a lot of men splash with cold water straight away sealing it in which creates problems the ideal thing to do is after shaving use a gentle facial wash then splash with cold water.
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Avoid shaving the same area over and over, this will lead to razor burn. Rinse the area well after you are done and pat dry. Apply a moisturizing lotion. This will help soothe any possible irritated skin.
If you still have irritated skin after this then you want to apply an aloe Vera based cream.
Exfoliate the area regular as part of your daily cleanse to help remove any dead skin cells and to reduce ingrowing hairs etc.
I would recommend to cleanse and moisturise twice a day and apply a scrub before you shave to remove any dead skin cells. This should hopefully reduce the number of shaving cuts (not sure if this is also an issue but some of my clients have reported similar problems including frequent shaving cuts as well as skin irritation after the shave). There will always be some degree of irritation due to the razors but you should be able to reduce it by applying a gentle aftershave balm (non-alcoholic based as otherwise it might irritate the skin further). Hope that helps.
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