I am think of having Brazillian hair straightening. Does anyone have any views or recomendations

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it's the most fantastic thing you can have done to your hair once you have it you won't regret it and you'll definetly keep having it done. Make sure if you get one that it doesnt contain formaldehyde as this damages the hair. I would reccomend one called nanokeratin system which is 100% formaldehyde free.
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dont believe the formaldehyde free claim all they have done is added a dimmer ingredient to it so they can change its name, all these keratin treatments contain between 2-5% formaldehyde. and the end result is a coating on the outside of your hair that has to be maintained with their shampoo and conditioner otherwise it will breakdown. i have seen this treatment done in america where both the stylist and client are wearing a mask to protect themselves from the formaldehyde fumes released during the hot straightening process. as a stylist with 17 years experience i do not want to put myself or my clients at risk with this so called treatment. the only way to restrucurw the hair to reduce frizz and to get it straight is with a permanant strightening treatment that actually changes the amino acid bonds in your hair using chemicals and should only be done to hair that is in a strong enough condition for it to be safe and effective.
It is an amazing treatment! Think of it as a leave in conditioning treatment that resurfaces your hair, so it's shiny, softer, frizz free and allows you to wear your hair wavy or straighten easy with a blowdryer and brush. Well worth it when you consider how much time it save you.
I love it, highly reccomend it, its life changing for my clients! Feel free to contact me for further info or if your interested in having the treatment i can give you 10% off.