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Question: Is it common during a hollywood wax to double dip?

Asked by Parisa84

6 answers

Hi, I just moved here from the United States and have tried a few places for a Hollywood wax. All double dip and use the same stick in the wax which is a concern to me. Can anyone tell me if this is normal practice in London or recommend a good place near Parsons Green?
Thank you.

Hollywood Waxing, Body Treatments

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It depends on the technique used by the therapist. Some therapists will only heat enough wax for the one client and bin the remaining wax when that clients is finished. This is a very common method used.

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No they shouldn't double dip if using hot wax treatments!If they do so , just asked the therapist not to.
However if fairly common when using "tea tree wax" for other parts of the body but not really recommended.


I don't think it's common practise at all, i guess you've just been unlucky. i think it's a bit disgusting if i'm honest and I personally would shop around for another waxing salon. spend your hard earned money where you feel comfortable. I never ever double dip for any body part... even 'normal' areas like legs. It makes me happy and my clients happy knowing that the wax is a clean as it can be. I did my training with Kim Lawless and she is also an expert waxer - she literally spends her days waxing, check out her website as ims ure she's in or close to london (I did my training in Upminster a good few years ago, though I am rubbish with geography!). hope this helps. Heather @ Prestige Hair, Nails and Beauty x

Sources: I own a hair, nails and beauty salon on Kitchener Street (just off Boundary Road) in St. Helens WA104LY.


Never you should double dip? during a Hollywood waxing.



Hi double dipping should never be practised especially for intimate areas. If you're in shoreditch why not visit us!


I have had the same problem as you-I've tried various different waxing salons over the past 7 months looking for a salon that doesn't double-dip. Every one of them have double-dipped apart from 1. It's really put me off waxing.
I hope you find a hygienic salon local to you soon.

Sources: Personal experience

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