What products work best on ingrown hairs? I exfoliate but still get them!

What products work best on ingrown hairs for everyone out there? I exfoliate but still get them!
I used a product called Bikini Saver in Australia but now I live in London and can't find anything as good in the shops here.
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According to my gynecologist and dermatologist, the only solution is not to remove the hair there at all. I have very sensitive skin in the bikini area, so I invested in a course of IPL. It was absolutely worth the money, especially given how many different kinds of razors, creams, calming lotions, etc I was trying out, looking for the road to the perfect landing strip.
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MD Formulations face and body scrub - contains glycolic acid to melt away the dead skin cells
No bump- it helps prevent ingrown hairs and also the bumps caused by waxing or shaving. You apply it 3-4 days prior to hair removal and after apply daily to maintain clear skin. Always do a patch test before using any product and wait 24hrs. If no redness or irrtation appears you will be fine to use it.
I would recommend tend skin they are very good!!
Exfoliating is very good but 'in groe hair remover' from 'skin doctors' is really good. We sell them at our salon too - the Gayatri Beauty Clinic, Leicester.
Or you can get then from chemists!
Hi, Amanda,
have you ever consider laser hair removal? it will end the problem entirely. Just make sure that you choose the clinic with the right laser machines as not all of them are effective. You are welcome to pop in for a free consultation about the ingrown hair - we are based in Central London tel 02072835800. Check out this link as well to get more info http://www.bodysilk.co.uk/treatments/laser-hair-removal-london
Good luck!
Lycon sell a product called ingrown x it which is fantastic, also i have used dermalogica overnight clearing gel which works too. x
Try In-grow by skin doctors can buy at boots chemists or chemists hope this helps.
Blinc Resurfastic for Ingrown hairs has worked miracles on my clients!
Definitely Tend Skin...but make sure you use it properly. Use on a cotton pad once a day, 7 days BEFORE you wax, and then twice a day 7 days AFTER you have waxed...and always remember to put body lotion ontop...most people forget that, which results in you just drying out the area, and thus making it even worse with ingrowns....or maybe think about having IPL on the area.
X-it body hair removal it's wot they do remove any ingrow hair as well as your hair it's part of there job....
Tend skin is the good product to remove ingrown hair
In Grow Go - can get in good chemists. Its Fab stuff.