What is the difference between Lycon Hollywood wax and just a normal Hollywood hot wax?

I want to try a chocolate Lycon Hollywood wax, but I'm not actually sure of the difference between that and a hot wax. Is it worth the price difference?
Asked by CaliMarley

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Lycon is a famous waxing brand but from my experience there are serveral companies that do the similar type of wax .The bikini waxing is really depend on the therapist experience not so much with the wax brand . We use coconut hot wax and it gives the same result in my opinion and the price is more affordable as well. Hope this help.
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The difference is only the mark! I use a wax exclusive from Brazil for sensitive skin, and you can feel very little pain! I not use strip!!!
Lycon waxes are expensive ! But well know brand because they have a good PR company!!! Therapist who use it tend to overcharge client. There's lots of other very good luxury brand out there and most of them do a great job.
But your waxing experience on the day will depend on how good your therapist is!
My advice is unless you're going to eat the "chocolate wax afterward " ;-) what's the point of paying extra ?
Hope this help
Lycon wax is just the brand name of a high end wax... just like Perron Rigot (which i use) and berodin etc. it does the same as those waxes in that it 'shrink wraps' around the hair so it gets closer to the hair root which should in theory cause less pain. if you can imagine tweezing your eyebrows by pulling the hair from the end furthest away from your skin you'll notice it hurts more than pulling it from the end closest to your skin where the root is, it's just the same thing really it gives a more pain free treatment though in all honesty im yet to find a wax alone that gives a totally pain free wax. a high end wax like those mentioned above will also mean the wax stays flexible so it can be removed from your skin with ease. the last thing you want is for the wax to set up and then crack when it comes to being removed and for you to be left with the waxer picking hardened wax off your bits and bobs. ouch!! as far as smells goes when it comes to waxing it's just a novelty, a selling point for the salon. I've been waxed by the chocolate Lycon wax and in all honesty the smell didn't awaken my senses to the relaxing environment, i didn't feel any calmer and it certainly wasn't any less painful than when I went to another salon who used a different kind of wax that had no smell to it sadly. when getting a hollywood/brazilian wax look for a 'hot wax' or a 'non strip', they're much kinder to your skin than the usual wax used on legs etc. hope this helps. Heather x
Hi CailiMarley,
I have been using Lycon since 2005, and like the previous comments, it's just a different formulation… . but to be honest I don't know how Lycon do it, but they do make a difference and it works
I used over the years different companies for various reasons but have now gone back to Lycon.
Lycon is simply a brand of wax and chocolate a fragrance. No real difference to yourself as a client, the important bit is the quality of the wax and experience of the waxer. Personally I wouldn't pay any extra for a fragrance, it's not like your having a massage! Hope that helps!
Lycon is a brand of wax.
Lycon do a range of hot waxes, all of which are good. Fragrances are just fragrances, they make no difference to how the wax performs. Companies can have slightly different formulations that have different benefits - for example no natural rosin for those with an allergy, or ones that set quicker in warmer treatment rooms / climates.
If you are looking at changing your wax if you can get to one of the beauty event shows where you can usually try lots of different waxes and often see demo's!