What can I do to combat acne, open pores and uneven skin tone at 28?

I'm a 28 year old female and have open pores and uneven skin tone around my eyes, on the sides of my upper lip, on the sides of my nose and below my nose. There are some dark marks on my cheeks near my ears as well. Recently, I have experienced some hormonal imbalances and have also started suffering with acne, which is leaving marks too. Can anyone suggest a solution to halt these problems and help fade the pigmentation?
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My Dear Friend,
I totally understand your concern about acne, as I myself passed through a similar situation for years. I used to have acne from teenage till 27 years old.
In a few words, I will explain how I finally draft with it.
At first, at the age of 17 I had a vaccination done, to help my body create the antibodies necessary to fight against staphylococcus (the bacterium found in my blood stream). There have been an improvement, but not a dramatic one. Then, I tried medicinal creams for acne, prepared in pharmacies or sold over the counter, with few satisfactory results ( ups and downs).
Then, 2 years later, I started to think of other complementary methods of treating acne, and not only. I consulted lots of books on Natural Remedies for Health Conditions, I went for the first time to see a Beauty Therapist having a long-experience in treating skin conditions, and customers having acne. One of them it was myself. She drained my infections, then sterilised the skin weigh electrical equipment, recommended me to have my blood tests done to discover if I have some health problems that we're maintaining the acne active. And I did it. I discovered I was allergic to gluten, yeast, and dust. And I avoided those allergens.
A very important step taken by me was when I started to enhance my knowledge on Natural Remedies to treat different body affections.
So, besides having a course of medicinal sessions or treatments prescribed by consultants in dermatology, nutrition, general practitioners, I understood the importance of linking all their advice, and putting them together. How?
1. Following a healthy dietary regimen
2. Having had my blood tests done (very important)
3. Finding the allergens that preventing the reduction of acne flare-ups
4. Started to drink certain herbal teas, and apply them on the skin under the form of wet compresses twice a day
5. Reducing everyday stress as much as possible by increasing the awareness to it!
6. Getting enough exercise and sleep (we need to take a good rest even if we don't feel tired)
7. Meditation, by visualising in your mind's eyes what are the main reasons which make you unhappy, worried, ill, and how to possibly sort all of them out.
As a conclusion, try to combine all the information you got from your doctor, specialist, naturopath, cosmetician, etc., put them together and use them to your needs.
The skin is the mirror of our health condition. Its physical and emotional condition, too.
So, look for medicinal and natural remedies at the same time. They can help each other. They complement each other.
All the best,
Florentina 11


Thanks alot. but can you please suggest the healthy dietary regimen and what are the certain herbal teas you use?
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Of course diet and health must come first,but dermaroller treatments with non invasive techniques and more recently, the dermapen to target specifically small areas would works wonders
We have great success with microdermabrasion. It needs a course but the results are stunning.
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Have you tried microdermabrasion ?


no. someone has asked me to try it but im confused. some people say that it has to be taken regularly and i cant do it. furthermore it is said that it has side effects and success is not guaranteed. it srsky
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It is always very important to combine life style, diet and products you are choosing to use on your skin. First of all you should try to bring balance to your hormones by perhaps a prescribed treatment. In your diet try to exchange snacks for a healthier option containing less fat, sugar and salt - main skin trouble makers. Acne is tricky as you should be very careful with scrubs, strong creams, not to excessively drying out the skin etc. I would suggest a epiblanc cream for a dark spots for the beginning. Just one at time so you can calm the skin down at first, check how it goes and then we can move on to another stage. Have a look in here https://www.facebook.com/malaykaspa to find out more about the products I suggest. They are all very natural and gentle what's important with problematic skin. Each product contains a high percentage of pure stabilised aloe vera gel and they works wonders on skin. Let me know if you need any more support and are interested in suggested the treatment.
All the best,


thanks but can you please suggest me some natural or home remedies. i can do it more conveniently
Facial acupuncture has been used to excellent effect for helping individuals with skin problems such as dry skin, large pores, acne, and puffiness as well as sagging jaw lines, double chin, deep naso-labial folds and drooping eyelids. A study published in the Journal of Clinical Acupuncture showed that of 300 participants who had received a full course of facial acupuncture 90% reported marked skin improvements.
As a consequence of its holistic approach, which addresses deeper layers of one's being, the benefits of facial rejuvenation acupuncture aren’t fleeting - indeed they can last for several years. These benefits extend from improved complexions and skin which looks healthier and younger, to general health improvements such as feeling better in one's energy, sleep and mood.
Says Anna de Moor:
“In my personal practice I have reported that clients have stopped suffering from pre-existing health conditions such as hayfever, headaches, painful periods and moodswings and I generally find that people have improved energy, appetite and relief from aches and pains. Individuals often describe improved self-image and a feeling of increased balance in their body, mind and spirit as well as feeling enabled to implement lifestyle improvements. Facial rejuvenation acupunture achieves inner and outer health through bringing your natural beauty to the surface.”
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