Which is better for acne scarring and open pores, the Dermaroller or the Regima skin peel?

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You can tel and have 1 T so I can fully explain how this T works. It is from
Belgium and unique to Pincess Soraya Salon in UK. It overcomes:
Any Wrinkles, Pigment, Scar and Hydrates Plumps Cells.
Want to hydrate,fill in wrinkles,overcome pigments using Ionocinesis ,the latest technology? £89 for 1 hour
Ionocinesis is a revolutionary new technique to Overcome skin pigments,
Plump cells with hydration, fill in wrinkles . NO NEEDLES, NO BOTOX, used.
It uses a mild and painless electrical field applied to the skin, together with Bio-Activated Organic Silicium. Used in European top spas, It is completely safe and non-invasive and the most effective Wrinkle Filler, skin Hydrator available.
How Does Ionocinesis Work?
This gentle treatment consists of applying 2 small electrodes, which are then connected to a special electrical generator. The generator produces low intensity (non-toxic) regulated electric fields in combination with Bio Activated Organic Silicium as a conducting solution. The body becomes a conductor of the electrical current; a movement of ions is then activated by this current. Positive or negative ions can be removed or introduced in the body .
You lie down and relax during the application, which generally lasts only 30 to 60 minutes. A slight sensation may be noticed but it is not painful. The Pigments are released on cotton pads, skin is visibly hydrated and cells are plumped, amazing defference in wrinkle depth is visible.
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Hi there
I am a Medical Aesthetician
I specialise in Regim a peels. This is the most successful treatment. I have 10 years experience.
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I don't know the particular peel you mention but I do a lot of treatments for scarring.I would use peels for more superficial work,but would then most definitely recommend microneedling.I use a mechanised system which is faster and less uncomfortable.Depending on where you are based please call if you would like more info.)1245-469371(Chelmsford)
Hi. Dermaroller is better, definitely. You can find some information here: http://www.shenyiacupuncture.com/microneedledermaroller.html
If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact me and have free consultation. Regards.
Hi , great answers from both Sharon and Diane, i have another link for Emu oil a uk company that i myself have used... http://www.pion-tc.co.uk/ this will help with scarring to a degree.. i would also agree that salon treatments using a combination of both skin peels and Derma roller will be very beneficial , I work from my home in Harlow Essex and would be happy to meet with you for a consultation, we will discuss your expectations and suitability to the treatment ,
Best wishes
Georgia Advanced Beauty Solution
RegimA Peel & Heal and dermaroller skin needling are both very effective treatments.
With our clients we suggest priming the skin with the peels first plus a specific home skincare routine.
This removes the dull, dead top layer and stimulates the skin's cellular responses.
The peels promote the production of new, firmer collagen. Peels alone can help with some acne scarring and open pores, they also lighten any darkened blemish marks.
Progressing from the 20% upto the 40% and possibly 70% over time.
For stubborn acne scars - rolling & box types - skin needling, whether dermaroller or derma stamp can be very beneficial. The deep ice pick type scars don't respond very well to any type of treatment.
Skin needling done at 6 to 8 week intervals and usually 3 to 6 treatments should reduce the scars and open pores - again with a homecare routine.
In an ideal situation you would alternate between peels and skin needling.
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Hi we do not specialise in this but below i have added links with info on emu oil. heals acne.


Yes but i do not have acne anymore just scarring