Looking for lash extensions in NW London.

I've had lashes extensions a few times and, even when promised they'll last for at least two weeks, they never have. They are keep falling off after few days or they go twisted. Can anyone recommend a therapist who's able to do them properly in NW london? Thank you
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Does anyone know a salon that does 'fluffy' eyelash extensions?
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Does anyone know a salon that does 'fluffy' eyelash extensions?
Does anyone know a salon that does 'fluffy' lash extensions?
If you don't mind traveling to West London/Uxbridge area I can highly recommend The Eyelash Emporium http://www.eyelashemporium.com/
i wish i could help im in the liverpool area and my clients get 6 weeks out of them. i always advice my clients not the get their eyelashes wet or to wear mascara hope this helps.
For a well lasting extensions, need a good glue and also a good cleaning process on the lashes. Also the technician need to be experienced how she applies the lashes. And of course a lot on you how careful you are with them. Just an example. I had a lady i did a full set extensions on her, and she came back after 4 or 5 weeks for tidying. I was amazed that her lashes were perfect. Then she told me she was so careful she didn't even washed her eyes in water in the last 5 weeks. She made me smile, but her lashes was really good.
I hope you will have a good experience with your next extensions.
Hello, sorry to hear you haven't had a good experience of eyelash extensions, but it also could depend on the glue they are using and also it really depends how you look after them as there are some restrictions which you should follow while you have lashes on, like no oils, creams, mascara on the lashes as it de bonds the glue. I don't know anyone NW but I am based in Oxford Circus. Let me know if you are interested.
Hello…..I don't offer eyelash extensions but an actual prescription treatment that will stimulate eyelash growth. Please take a look at my weblink (to my website) for more information.
To be honest a lot of it depends on the glue. The more expensive glue means the lashes adhere permanently and only fall out when the natural lash is due to fall out. If you have got your face wet within 24 hour of having the lashes applied this will mean that the glue hasn't fully set. If you use oily facial products this will also have a detrimental effect on the lashes. Additionally if you sleep on your front or constantly touch your lashes, again this could cause them to fall out. If none of these are likely then it is probably down to cheap glue.
Hi, at BodyMatters Clinic we offer LashPerfect Eyelash extentions. If you look after your lashes as advised by our therapist the lashes will last up to 4 weeks. They will be tailored to your wishes, whether you are looking for a natural look or a more glamorous look. You can reach us on 02074197900 if you would like to book a consultation.
Hi! I can recommend one of my colleagues Louise? She covers most of North-west London and her Fluster lashes do last more than a moth? Fabulous honestly! Contact her for more details on 07956727833 and mention Suzi (Suzi's Beauty Therapy) me , so she will look after u
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