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Question: What to do if hair stylists charges you more than the agreed on price?

Asked by Summertime

5 answers

I went to Claudia's Hair Salon and her employee (Layla) told me on the phone that they have a special offer for keratin, 100 pounds for long hair. However after the treatment and everything was done she charged me 150!! I told her that's not what we agreed on but she kept on insisting that my hair is too long and not the 'regular' long. I didn't wanna start arguing in front of the whole salon over the price so I just paid. Was I wrong to pay? Should I have insisted on the agreed on price?

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The salon should have advised you prior to starting the treatment if they were going to charge you extra, they had a chance to advise you that it was going to be any extra. You should not have paid any extra, have you spoken to Trading standards, maybe they can help. Also you could always write a letter of complaint to the owner/manager regarding he situation and see if they will compensate you in some way i.e free products.Otherwise you are going to have to chalk it up as a bad experience, keep positive :)

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As a Salon Manager myself I believe this is bad practice on the salons behalf they should of been aware of their error from the moment you walked in and informed you prior to starting the treatment.

If they were a honest business they would have swallow this lost. if? the cost of performing this service outweighed the money they receive.

Sources: 15 year experiance


Always stick to the agreed per confirmed price. Or, now you know their not prepared to stick to their word, don't return. It's not your fault their interpretation of long isn't the same as the rest of the world. :) stay blessed

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Good point! One of the reasons why I just paid was because I knew I wouldn't be coming back after this stunt anyways so it's their loss...


Hi guys! Thanks for all your answers! Update: I complained to the salon manager and she actually gave me a refund the other day.

Sources: Experience


yes You should, have, if you agree on £100 the you should pay that. not £150 thats disgusting.

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