Can anyone suggest a remedy for dull and dry skin?

My skin has become very dull and dry. Please suggest some remedies for this problem.
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Hi I am Julia Rhodes of West London Colonics, principal hydrotherapist.
My perspective is informed by the adage: ’Out of sight, Out of mind?’
Let me explain.
The Ugly truth about Beauty is: External beauty follows Internal beauty...all the skin cleansing and topical creams in the world won’t create healthy skin and bright eyes if the insides aren’t clean and healthy.
The obvious way to keep ones insides healthy is through a healthy diet. ... Eat mostly vegetables, grains, seeds and nuts … and I would add…. embrace Colon Hydrotherapy.
There are a lot of discussions about the effectiveness of colon hydrotherapy and if the body really ‘needs’ outside help with cleansing the colon.
As you would expect, the western medical community says, “Absolutely not. It’s hogwash and possibly dangerous.” ( By the way, very little well informed “proof “ is offered for the last assertion.
The Wellness community says, “It’s something that should be done about once a month to keep the body cleansed.” My take? Mine is a holistic model. All my experience is that once/ month is a pretty basic maintenance regime for many (perhaps most) people in these toxic times.
Here's the 195os beauty queen, Mae West, talking about self generated skin beauty via colonics.

Quotable quote “If I had known I was going to live this long, I would have taken better care of myself.” 
 ― Mae West

Actually, Mae West (who incidentally lived to be an active, vital 87 years old) did take care of herself a lot better than most people do. In her always lively encounters with the press, she didn't need much persuading to show off her baby soft skin, and demonstrate that there were no tell tale scars from cosmetic surgery. She said she didn’t need it. 
Her secret? She finally revealed that it was her focus with a clean colon. She believed internal beauty came before external beauty. She had a colonic weekly for many, many years. That's 52 colonics a year. 
When skeptics objected that medical experts frowned on such a schedule, Mae smiled knowingly and quipped: "Well they would, wouldn’t they? If you never get sick, how are they gonna earn any money?”


Colonics & Clear Skin
Poor quality skin (dry, dull, oily, mixture, eruptions, blemishes, puffy, bumpy etc.) can affect many people.
Causes for poor skin quality (that can be remedied)
Lifestyle choices can influence skin health. These include:
Diet –To be at its best, the skin needs to be hydrated and nourished with necessary minerals, vitamins and nutrients. This particularly relates to dry skin and wrinkles.
(Colonics hydrate the system; good quality oils are necessary – EFAs and cold pressed oils in small quantities.)
Hygiene –dirt and oil can build up in the pores. If the pores are blocked, it can cause dry skin, dull skin, spot breakouts and cells stagnation.
(When Colonics reduce internal debris, the clogging effect on the skin noticeably can reduce. Dry skin brushing is a great adjunct strategy alongside colonics; by sloughing off the old dry skin, fresh sleek smooth skin is revealed. Bit like a snake shedding its skin!)
Menstruation –Throughout the menstrual cycle, the levels of hormones in the body change quite a lot. This can encourage the formation of acne and other skin complaints.
(See WLC info pieces on menstruation- there is plenty of anecdotal evidence around that colonics may help with difficult menstruation. And that help will positively affect the skin is the rationale of holistic colon hydrotherapy practitioners).
Colonics and clear skin: By having a course of colonics to improve the efficiency of the colon at removing waste and toxins, one relieves the pressure on the skin to remove the excess waste. This can lead to the clearing up of the skin as the toxins are removed elsewhere.
Colonics act systemically is the credo of the colon
hydro therapist.
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Monsia makes the best in my opinion! :)
The best solution for dull and dry skin would be a professional Dermal Peel to remove the surface dead skin and stale make-up. I use a wide range of professional Mesosestetic Dermal Peels depending on your skin type, be it for acne, pigmentation, rosacea, dehydration etc. A Dermal Peel will leave your skin a little pink for about 24 hours and then it will start to feel tight and dry off or peel for about 3-5 days depending on the strength of peel used. It is important to keep the skin rehydrated with a moisturizer like Hyaluronic Acid Cream plus apply an SPF 50 every day. Within a week your skin will improve but keep using the Hyaluronic Acid Cream as your daily moisturizer, it's like a water magnet!
Acculaser Medispa
Hi John
Try a course of 3 Dermal Peels, natural acid peels, not chemical peels. These will clean the grey dead skin from the surface of your face and leave your skin looking bright and fresh again. Follow the Dermal Peels with a Hyaluronic Acid cream to help hydrate the skin, this is important. Also use an SPF 50 if you're having these treatments when the sun is shining.
If you'd like these treatments or more advice please contact me at Acculaser on the Kings Road in Chelsea. Tel: 0843 289 9873.
For dull and dry skin
mixed 1 spoon of turmeric powder (which you can get at any Asian food stores) with 1 spoon of honey and yoghurt with lemon juice and use it as a mask! leave for 20-30 min and drink at least 1-2 litres of water because all your skin and organs are soaking it up hence why its dull and dry maybe
It really worked for me
hope I have helped
Hyaluronic oral dose and serum for the face
more essential fatty acids in the diet such as flax seed.
make a facial oil and apply a few drops at night ( olive oil/flax seed/ avocado. evening primrose/ rose and geranium essential oils)
drink more water and use a sunblock over your night cream to help night time dehydration of the skin
Take a nice Facial
A excellent, fast & effective way to revive dull dry skin would be to strip away all the dead skin cells, diamond tip microdermabrasion & a light chemical peel such as a pumpkin peel would be a perfect combination for giving you a wonderful looking complexion back again. Of course after these treatments keep the skin well moisturised with a cream or serum containing many nutrients for the skin.
You need to keep drinking lots of water. Apply body oil to your skin instead of moisturizer. Always apply oil/moisturizer when your skin is still damp after a shower, as these locks in the moisture.


This time of year it can be really important to ensure the skin is exfoliated properly so that creams and treatment products can do their best.The sorts of thing I recommend is products with AHAs in,which offer gentle daily exfoliation,or many of my clients find using a home roller alongside antioxidant products with vitamins such as A and C very helpful for giving a wonderful glow to the skin.The needling not only stimulates the skin but the tiny micro channels enable porducts to get right to where thet are needed.I would recommend you purchase through a salon or therapist who can give you advise and support on home use.
hi I am commenting because I have posted a question about colonics and psoriasis . Thats tackling an externally manifested problem on the inside skin surface ( not literally but figuratively ) with colonics.
With colon hydrotherapy.
Maybe it works for dry skin too?
Colonics are supposed to help hydrate the body.


I would suggest taking pro biotics and stepping up your fish oil consumption, sulphur foods and alkalising your system with more minerals. Oh and lastly a bit of sunshine or Vit D
I swear by using cold creams as a great pick-me-up for dry winter skin as they have amazing moisturising properties!
Try using Ponds Cold Cream Cleanser, its an old classic which you can pick up for a couple of quid in most drug stores. Celebs such as Kylie Minogue have even paid tribute to it, as being the key to an ever youthful complexion!
Apply cucumber juice everyday to your neck before going to bed. Also, you must protect it from the sun.
The aromatherapy blends I create for massage include a base oil of grapeseed or almond oil. The oils you can get easily from the supermarket are coconut oil, olive oil or avocado oil. You can also buy essential oils, the one you want is rosemary essential oil from health food shops. Blend 2-3 drops of rosemary oil with the coconut, olive or avocado oil and massage into your skin. It's very nourishing and calming to the skin especially if it's dry, flaky or itchy.
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